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My Radiant Rebel Story: Shannon

It’s time for another story from one of our beloved Radiant Rebels. This journey comes to us from Shannon. Here’s a peek into her radiant world… “I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience any major issues with my skin. My skin is super fair and I’ve been known to burn really easily. There have been … Read more

My Radiant Rebel Story: Maria

It’s amazing how many beautiful souls we meet because of this little business! The stories we receive from Radiant Rebels (just like you) are a big part of what keeps us motivated over here at the Batty’s Bath headquarters. With that being said, we figured it was about time we start to share some of … Read more

In Mother Nature We Trust…

  By design, she has entrusted us with a precious gift; A gift of healing and undiluted life. As those who have wandered amongst the petals before us, we seek to uncork the power hidden in the grains so graciously bestowed upon us. At Batty’s Bath, we believe that skin care can be simple. There’s … Read more

Creating a skin care journal on instagram

I love love looooove seeing how Radiant Rebels are doing as they progress through their Batty’s Bath skin care routines so this lovely lady has been totally spoiling me! She’s created the hash tag #rtbatty to collect all her progress postings – such a great idea as it works like a skin care journal of … Read more

Confessions of a full time Radiant Rebel

Confession time: Seeing my creations in their new homes always makes my day! It’s such a huge blessing that I sometimes have a hard time believing this is what I do for a living! There’s something so special and grounding about taking raw ingredients and turning them into something that helps so many people – … Read more


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