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Do we really need to moisturize in the summer?

It’s actually really important to moisturize in the summer.  Read on to find out why… You see, summertime isn’t the time to abandon your body butter or facial moisturizer. Why moisturize in the summer? Skipping out on moisturizing will lead to the break down of a healthy skin barrier over time. This makes your skin … Read more

A chill approach to sun protection

Hey beautiful! As we enter the time of year when our days are longer, the air becomes warmer, and we’ll find ourselves spending more time outside, we’ll also start to get bombarded with articles, messages, and information about sun protection. I know the flood of sun protection info has started to kick up a little … Read more

Spring Skin Care Tips

For many of us, spring is the perfect time to realign, reorganize and revisit things in our life. With most New Year’s resolutions flopping in February, spring provides an alternative opportunity to pick up some new, healthy habits. We’ve shared our Spring Skin Care Checklist with you in the past, but we thought it was … Read more


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