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Winter Skin Care Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for most things! Our skin, on the other hand, seems to take an extra round in the boxing ring with the harsh elements winter brings us. That’s why we’ve developed a guide to winter skin care to help keep your spirits and radiance high while the temperature … Read more

How to avoid the winter hair care woes

If he’s not busy nipping at your toes, Old Man Winter can usually be found whipping up some chaos among your precious locks. There’s no avoiding the environmental stresses of winter, but you CAN give your hair the best chance it has of surviving the colder, harsher months. Now, before you go, “Whoa Batty! Don’t … Read more

Autumn Skincare Guide

  Autumn skin care has its own set of rules. To enjoy all that autumn has to offer (without worrying about your skin), check out this guide to know exactly what to watch out for when the leaves start to change. AUTUMN CONGESTION & ACNE ALERT! While most think of summer as the season that … Read more

Summer Skincare Guide

School’s out and nothing says summer like a beautiful, sunny day. Another aspect of summer that I (and my skin) love is how it makes my skin glow with radiance. However, you can’t just rely on the weather for radiant skin. Each season requires adjustments to your skin to achieve optimal results. Every season comes … Read more

Q&A: What is the SPF of your products?

Question Hello! I was wondering if you know what the SPF level of your Mineral Makeup Foundation and other products? I have been using some of your products for a while (I love them!) but mainly in the evening/night or when I am indoors because of that. Thank you! Answer Thanks for your question! Health Canada … Read more


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