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Why we love activated charcoal in natural skincare

So what’s the deal with activated charcoal anyways? You’ve probably seen all kinds of charcoal products popping up in the beauty world, and for good reason. We’ve been making charcoal soap for years (so it’s no news to us that charcoal is amazing for the skin). Activated charcoal is charcoal that’s been heated up in a … Read more

Do we really need to moisturize in the summer?

It’s actually really important to moisturize in the summer.  Read on to find out why… You see, summertime isn’t the time to abandon your body butter or facial moisturizer. Why moisturize in the summer? Skipping out on moisturizing will lead to the break down of a healthy skin barrier over time. This makes your skin … Read more

New eczema research: what you need to know

Hey, Radiant Rebels! Today’s email is for anyone in the community who suffers from eczema (either occasionally or consistently). Recently, a new study was published that confirmed a cause of the dry, inflamed and itchy skin that plagues eczema sufferers. What was the discovery? Researchers found out what holistic skin care gals (like you and … Read more


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