About Lily's Place

Lily's Place is a vegan farm sanctuary that provides a restorative, safe space for animals.

Our sanctuary is a small, volunteer-run, compassionate initiative that aims to foster kindness for all by providing care to neglected, commoditized, abused, or otherwise displaced animals. Lily's Place is not a petting zoo or a hobby farm (learn more in the FAQ section below).

Currently home to 2 humans, rescued farm animals & several shelter-sprung dogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know what Lily's Place is all about? Check out some FAQs and general information below.

Can I come meet the animals?

If you'd like to visit us, please be aware that:

  • We are not open to the public.
  • Visits are by appointment only.
  • We are not a petting zoo.
  • No dogs or other pets are allowed.

No Drop-Ins

The sanctuary is a place for animals to live in safety and without undue stress. While some of our animal friends enjoy meeting new people, some of them find the experience stressful. For that reason, we are not open to the public and cannot accommodate unscheduled, unplanned drop-in visits.

Booking an appointment

If you’d like to visit us, please contact us via email or social media to see if we can accommodate your request. We do our best to accommodate visitor requests, but please remember this is our home. We work full-time jobs outside of our animal care responsibilities at Lily’s Place and typically have a lot on our plate.

We’re not a petting zoo

Scheduling a visit to Lily’s Place does not guarantee an opportunity to “pet” the animals or interact with them in a way that you may have experienced at a petting zoo. We respect each animal's right to autonomy and let them decide whether they’d like to meet new people (or not).

No dogs or pets are allowed.

We love dogs at Lily’s Place, and several live here, but we need to ask that dogs and other pets not be brought along to your scheduled visit time (this includes leaving animals in your car). Many of the animals that live at Lily’s Place become extremely stressed out by animals they don’t know. This can result in an unsafe space for them, as well as for visitors.

Get notified about visitor days.

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Can I volunteer?

We don't have any volunteer opportunities available at the moment. But stay tuned!

If you'd like to know as soon as an opportunity is available, please enter your email address below:

Are you a petting zoo?

Nope, not even close. Lily's Place is a restorative space for animals with our #1 focus is being on the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of the individuals in our care. 

This means that we're not open to the public for drop-in visits or for requests to "see the animals" simply to give humans "something to do." That might sound harsh, but we believe that the animals are not here for us and should be free to spend their time how they wish.  If opportunities should arise for visiting Lily's Place outside of volunteer opportunities, they will be posted on our social media channels or sent out via email.

Having said that, we do have a few individuals (like Sid) who enjoy meeting new people. The best way for them to do that is by getting to know someone over time through scheduled visits. If you'd like to be notified of volunteer opportunities at Lily's Place, including scheduled "friendship volunteers," sign up here.

Want to learn more about the difference between a petting zoo and a sanctuary? See this link for an overview.

Are you a hobby farm?

A hobby farm has a few definitions ranging from a hobby for the pleasure or enjoyment of having animals around (animals are pretty awesome after all), to being a small source of income from the hobbyist. 

What makes a sanctuary different (to us) is that while we certainly enjoy hanging out with our animal friends, we provide them refuge and a lifelong home because we see them as individuals who inherently have a right to live in peace and to not be exploited for profit. 

One of the ways this translates within a sanctuary context at Lily's Place is that we do not sell eggs or wool. We also don't breed or sell animals.

Another difference between a hobby farm vs a sanctuary (to us) is that all the animals in our care came to us in need of a safe home (aka they were "rescue animals") rather than us seeking out animals to purchase. 

How did Lily's Place start?

It all started when Tim and his 3 dogs met Jamie and her 3 dogs... it didn't take long for Tim and Jamie to form the canine version of the Brady Bunch!

Since that time, all but one of the original canine Brady Bunch have passed peacefully over the rainbow bridge, additional canines have joined the pack, numerous foster dogs have bunked with us before being placed in forever homes, a flock of ex-battery hens, a rooster, several at-risk chickens, wayward ducks and sheep now call Lily's Place home.

Please join us by following our adventures, learning about the animals, and getting connected with ways to support our mission.

Who is Lily?

Chili (rescue dog) at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary

Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary is named after two special ladies.


Tim's late mom, Lillian, affectionately nicknamed Lily by Tim's late father, always opened up her home to those in need. This included animals and numerous foster children. Lillian was an avid animal lover, and she always had a dog cuddling on her lap, whether it was one of her dogs or a grandpuppy. On one occasion, after hearing about an unwanted dog being left alone in a muffler shop overnight, she marched right over to give Buster a proper home. Her compassionate spirit and willingness to provide a safe place to displaced souls is work we'd like to continue through Lily's Place.


Chili, one of the original canines in the Brady Bunch, came to Tim with the name Lily.  After being adopted by Tim, her name changed to reflect her New Orlene's origins as she was a puppy born to homeless dogs living on the streets after Hurricane Katrina. Chili arrived in Canada as an (estimated to be) 2 years old who still didn't have a family of her own. Tim met her within hours of her arrival at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. She was exhausted from her travels, curled up in a tiny ball in her dog run, but something about her sweet presence grabbed Tim's heart. The next morning, Tim came back with Flea (another original member of the canine brandy bunch) to meet Chili, and the rest is history. Over her lifetime Chili helped timid little Flea come out of her shell, reassured numerous foster dogs, and remained a calm, stable leader for the canine Brady bunch until her passing in February of 2019 at the age of 13 after a long battle with diabetes.

Where are you located?

Codys, New Brunswick

If you are coming for a volunteer orientation or have a scheduled visit coming up, we'll provide additional details via email. 

What about donations?

If you'd like to financially support Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary, direct donations can be made in the following ways:

All funds received will go directly to the care of our farm friends at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary.

Have something else to donate? Please reach out to us to via email discuss 🙂 

Meet the Residents


Say hello to Sid (born May 2019)!  Sid comes to us from Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary.

Sid made his way to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary as a two-week-old lamb with a broken leg. Sid’s leg was broken shortly after he was born, and he went two weeks with no medical care at the farm he was at. A compassionate person noticed and was able to re-home Sid to Cedar Row. Since then, Cedar Row has nursed him back to health, including bracing his other back leg that started to turn in from compensating for the previously broken one. We’re so thankful for the life-saving work Cedar Row has done for the last two decades and for entrusting us with Sid! He’s such a sweet amazing boy!

Arriving at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary at the end of September 2019, Sid has fit right in! He loves being around people and can be spotted joyfully running up to see us, following us around, and just hanging out. He's content to be doing whatever we're doing-especially if we happen to have fresh veggies in our pockets!

Betty White the Sheep

Betty White 

Betty came to us so Sid wouldn't be a lonely sheep! Sheep need at least one other sheep for companionship. When Grey's Haven Farm Sanctuary let us know that Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue had taken in multiple animals (including 11 sheep) from a case of neglect, we reached out. See the video of all the animals, including Betty White, arriving at Whispering Hearts here.

Betty isn't used to being around people (so the complete opposite of Sid) but is learning to trust us quickly. She arrived at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary on October 19th, 2019, and we can't wait to get to know her better and watch her personality shine as she settles in.

Update #1: shortly after Betty's arrival, our vet performed an ultrasound, and as we suspected, Betty didn't come into our care alone. It turns out our suspicions were right, and Betty is expecting! Her lamb or lambs are due in February.

Update #2: surprise! Betty's baby came early than expected! Gracie, a healthy baby girl, was born on January 10th, 2020!

Betty the ewe and Gracie the lamb
Betty & Gracie

Gracie the lamb - a baby sheep


Gracie is Betty's baby girl (see Betty's bio to learn more about the pregnancy) and was born at 5 am on January 10th, 2020.

Gracie is so precious she was given a ❤️ for a nose!

Spunky and cute as a button, each day Gracie is exploring/learning about what life with momma Betty, step-dad Sid, and a flock of feathered aunties is like here at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary!

It's been such a joy to watch Gracie grow into a playful teenager. She's the shyest sheep at Lily's Place, so it's extra special when she comes over for a nuzzle or a scratch behind the ears. 

Betty & Gracie (spring 2021)
Betty & Gracie (spring 2021)

Orphan Annie and Punky Brewster - two rescue lambs living at lily's place animal sanctuary in ontario canada
Annie and Punky Brewster

Orphan Annie and Punky Brewster

Please help us in welcoming Punky Brewster and Orphan Annie to Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary!

⁣These two sweet souls have found a forever home with us on May 31st, 2020. The day before, we spotted an urgent call from Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary for a home for these two lambs and we quickly got in touch. ⁣

Punky & Annie were just one day from being sent to market along with some of their other lamb friends when they arrived. ⁣

They are just wee babies but it is a regular practice with lambs of their age (8 and 10 weeks old) to be sent to market (with their future unknown). ⁣⁣

Thankfully with the help of a compassionate person who drove the lambs to us, they are now home - safe and sound to live out their natural lives free from being seen as a commodity.

Broom Hilda

Ex-Battery Hens

Affectionately known as "the ladies", these 5 ex-battery hens came to us through Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary's annual rescue initiative that places chickens from a local high-production egg farm into loving forever homes.

Arriving at Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary the same day they were released from the egg farm in September 2019, they experienced grass and sunshine for the first time in their lives. They are approximately 18 months old (as of Sept 2019), have a lot of missing feathers, wounds on their combs, and weak legs (all sadly commonplace when coming from a factory farm). 

See the video in this post to see their arrival at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary.

They are settling into our place, learning to trust us, heal, and decompress. Follow their healing journey on our Instagram feed!

Their names and personalities...

  • Maple - this little lady's comb (the floppy bit on the top of their head) is extra big and looks like a flopped over maple leaf. She was the most curious and brave bird out of the flock upon their arrival.
  • Broom Hilda - or "Broomie" as Tim affectionately calls her, is one of our "big birds" and has had her feathers grow back the fastest (perhaps thanks to a little bit of magic). She also has an extra-long bottom beak which doesn't keep her from doing normal chicken things, but we have observed her eating a little bit differently than the rest in the flock.
  • Pearl - named after her extra pearly white ear lobes, Pearl is a sweet and curious bird. You can spot her in a lot of pictures and videos because if Tim's around she's watching him closely as he often has chicken treats!  Update: On April 22, 2021, Pearl passed - please see this post.
  • Camilla - named after Gonzo's girlfriend in "A Muppet's Christmas Carol", Camilla is a bigger bird like Broom Hilda. Yet, unlike Broom Hilda who prefers to "hang out" with humans from a safe distance, Camilla isn't afraid to join the party now that she knows we mean her no harm. Like Pearl, she always keeps a close eye on Tim in case a treat materializes out of his pocket! Update: On July 4th, 2021, Camilla passed - please see this post.
  • Sunny - cute as a button, Sunny is our smallest bird. Tiny, curious, and getting braver by the day, Sunny has really come out of her shell since coming to Lily's Place. She can often be spotted sunning her bum in a warm ray of sunshine (which is how she got her name)!

Chicken Rescue - Before and after pictures

Emma a rescue hen - pet chicken

Pet chicken - silkie rooster named watson

Emma & Watson

Joining us from the Windsor Humane Society on International Women’s Day 2020, Emma and Watson are named after a woman who champions women’s rights, Emma Watson.

Emma is a young spunky little lady, and as we found out quite early, a very athletic bird and skilled flyer! She has a comb that we like to think of as her punk-rocker mohawk!

Update October 31, 2020: Heartbreaking news of Emma's passing - see this update.

Watson is a silkie rooster and quite the character! He loves hanging around Emma (and she can often be seen following him around). Watson is a calm, friendly guy and despite his best efforts, the ladies haven't been wooed by his line dancing or Billy Ray Cyrus style mullet.

Amelia - rescue hen (chicken)


We welcomed Amelia to Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary on December 19, 2020. She was rescued from a dangerous situation by Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary who jumped into quick action to bring her to safety, and then placed her with us as her forever home. ⁣⁣She’s such a sweet hen - singing and talking to us in adorable little chirps and purrs. She even enjoys some cuddles! ⁣⁣

Update February 27, 2021: Heartbreaking news of Amelia's passing - see this update.

The Canine Brady Bunch

All but one of the original canine Brady Bunch members are pictured in this group shot captured by Echo of Echo's Visuals in early 2019. 

  • Sassy (far left) - nicknamed "honey bear" because of her sweet disposition was adopted from Renfrew County OSPCA at the age of 1.5 years. This adoptive momma bear to many foster friends (including Little Man) passed over the rainbow bridge in May 2019 at the age of 13 after a heartbreaking battle with cancer.
  • Chili (laying in front of Tim) - See Chili's story in the "our name" section.
  • Cricket (on Jamie's lap) - our spunky girl who only has 3 paws adopted from Toronto Humane Society. Why she only has 3 paws is still a mystery to this day. 
  • Lucy (the greyhound) - our gentle, playful, social butterfly was adopted from GRA Canada at the age of 6 after retiring from racing and "bouncing" from several homes. After winning over numerous hearts and dispelling the myth that greyhounds are aloof, Lucy passed over the rainbow bridge on April 21st, 2020 at the age of 10 and a half years old.
  • Little Man (the not so little brindle + white guy, front right) - adopted from Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue after being fostered by Jamie for over a year with no adoption prospects is the ultimate cuddle bug! No day is complete for him without snuggling as many people and dogs as possible. He's often found spooning on the deck with our newest pack member, Polkaroo. | Update December 7, 2020: Heartbreaking news of Little Man's passing - see this update.
  • Flea is the missing member in the group picture above, as she had passed away after a lifelong battle with diabetes in December 2016 just shy of her 13th birthday.


Pokey aka Polkaroo (rescue dog)
Polkaroo (aka Pokey)


Polkaroo (aka Pokey) came into our home as a foster dog after bouncing from numerous homes in a matter of days after arriving in Canada. She's estimated to be about 3 years old, and by the time she found her way to us, she needed a place where she could feel safe and decompress with a stable pack and lots of consistency.

The part of her story that we do know is that she was found severely injured on the streets of Polk County in Florida.  Those injuries resulted in countless scars, missing teeth, and the loss of her back right leg. Numerous generous, kind-hearted souls provided her aid between the time she was found injured to the time she arrived in our care.

She's a super sweet soul who is eager to please, quick to bond, and wants to be where her friends are. We've also noticed a "monkey see, monkey do" trend with her following Little Man's example of how to be a gentle giant (even though she's half his size).

Birdie (rescue dog)


Birdie came to us as a foster-to-adopt rescue from T&T Dogs Unleashed Professional Dog Training with the name "Saucy" in January 2021. After two weeks in our care, she had yet to be very saucy so her name was changed to Birdie when her adoption was finalized. 

Birdie was born in July 2020 and came into the care of T&T Dogs Unleashed when a client contacted them about a puppy in need of a home. Birdie had been abandoned by her previous "owner" and the client of T&T cared for Birdie until T&T was able to take her in.

After 5 months at T&T, Birdie was ready to find a home that could provide confident leadership, continued socialization, and ideally had breed experience. We fit the bill and are so happy to give this "baby bird" a home. 

baby call ducks ducklings
Milo & Daisy

Milo & Daisy

Our newcomers are taking a nap after their arrival at Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary!

Please meet Milo and Daisy, two baby call ducks (3 week old ducklings) who found a forever home with us on May 30th, 2020.

Milo and Daisy were purchased from a breeder and given as an expected gift to a family who wasn't prepared for them. The family searched for a good home for the ducklings as they didn't have the proper setup to keep them long term.

Thankfully with the help of Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, the family was put in touch with us and on May 30th, Milo and Daisy came to live at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary.

Milo and Daisy are growing fast! Keep up with them on our Facebook or Instagram account.



Say hello to Annabelle! She became a resident of Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary on January 6, 2021. Annabelle was found on a busy street in London and brought to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. We’re so thankful for the compassionate person who rescued her and to Cedar Row for entrusting us to be Annabelle’s forever home. She’s made fast friends with Milo, Daisy and Amelia.


Please say hello to Tardy who joined us in October of 2021.  Sadly, her previous caretaker received a terminal cancer diagnosis and needed to find a stable home for Tardy and her goat friends (Dazy and Ted). ⁣⁣

Tardy is an old gal (approx 28 - 30 years old), and sadly, she may have painful stomach ulcers and is showing some signs of “cresty neck.” ⁣Learn more about here.

She's also been put on a pain management protocol for her hips and back. Learn more here.

When we welcome new members to the Lily’s Place family, getting to know them, building mutual trust, and observing them for signs of discomfort are all part of the process. We’re happy to report that building a friendship with Tardy is going well - and building trust with her has grown by leaps and bounds since starting her on medications to make sure she’s feeling comfortable and cared for. 

If you’d like to support us in caring for Tardy, Daisy, and Ted, please consider donating the cost of a bale of hay ($5) or more if you’re able to. E-transfers can be sent to hello@lilysplace.ca, or a PayPal link is available on our website. ⁣

above: Tardy (horse), Ted (on the left), and Dazy (on the right)

Dazy and Ted moved to Lily’s Place in October 2021 along with Tardy after their previous caretaker received a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Tardy, Ted, and Dazy each have years of stories to tell from their lives before their time with us. ⁣

This is one of those stories…⁣

When Dazy’s previous caretaker made a routine trip to pick up supplies at the feed store, Dazy was spotted tied to a stall. ⁣

Dazy was very skinny, so her previous caretaker asked what Dazy’s story was. They told her that Dazy was a dairy goat who was surrendered to them because the person lived in an area that wasn’t zoned for goats. ⁣

Needing a home and someone to care for her after her life as a dairy goat, Dazy went home with her previous caretaker where she lived for over four years with Tardy, the late JJ (Tardy’s 🐴 friend), Heartly (a potbelly pig who lives at Wallflower Sanctuary now), Ted and several chicken friends. ⁣

Ted is Dazy's son - turns out Dazy was not only without a home when she was surrendered to the farm store, she was also pregnant! 

Ted is an outgoing, spunky guy who is settling in at Lily's Place along with his mom Dazy, and friend Tardy. 


How to Help

Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary is 100% volunteer-run with no paid employees or government funding.

The volunteers of Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary donate their time, resources, and support to provide our residents with a loving home and life-long care.

We're committed to providing refuge and care to animals in need and depend on the help of our supporters and volunteers.

Thank you for supporting the animals as all donations go directly to their care.

Support & Sponsor

If you'd like to financially support Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary, direct donations can be made in the following ways:

All funds received will go directly to the care of our farm friends at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary.


Shop to show your support! 

  • Lily's Place Clothing is available in our Etsy store.
  • Grounded Sage Skincare - this is what the humans at lily's place do as a day job, and it's the business that allows us to care for the animals as it pays 99% of Lily's Place bills (the other 1% comes from donations).


We don't have any volunteer opportunities available at the moment. If you'd like to know as soon as an opportunity is available, please enter your email address below:

 Come for a Visit

If you'd like to visit us, please be aware that:

  • We are not a petting zoo.
  • We are not open to the public.
  • Visits are by appointment only.

The sanctuary is a place for animals to live in safety and without undue stress. While some of our animal friends enjoy meeting new people, some of them find the experience stressful. For that reason, we are not open to the public and cannot accommodate unscheduled, unplanned drop-in visits.

We’ll be sure to announce any upcoming opportunities for a visit here and on social media. 

If you'd like to be notified of any opportunities for visiting Lily's Place via email, please enter your email address below:



We'd love to hear from you.

If you're experiencing an animal emergency, please call your local shelter, first responders, or veterinarian to be directed to the appropriate channel.

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