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Lily’s Place

Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary

Lily's Place is a small animal sanctuary that provides forever homes to a pack of furry and feathered friends (and soon, hooved friends too).

It all started when Tim and his 3 rescue dogs met Jamie and her 3 rescue dogs... it didn't take long for Tim and Jamie to form the canine version of the Brady Bunch!

Since that time, the 3 oldest members of the original canine Brady Bunch have passed peacefully over the rainbow bridge, a 3 legged member has joined the pack, numerous foster dogs have bunked at Lily's Place before being placed in forever homes, and a flock of ex-battery hens have come to safely roost at Lily's Place.

The adventure continues at Lily's Place as we help our new featured friends settle in, and we get ready to open our doors once again; this time to some hooved friends.

Scroll down to follow our adventures, learn about the animals, and connect with ways to support our mission.

Quick Contact Links

Please note that if you're experiencing an animal emergency, please call your local shelter, first responders, or veterinarian to be directed to the appropriate channel.

Little Man (rescue dog) at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary

Little Man

Lucy (rescued greyhound dog) at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary


Chili (rescue dog) at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary


our name

Lily's Place is named after two special ladies.

  • Tim's late mom, Lillian, affectionately nicknamed Lily by Tim's late father, always opened up her home to those in need. This included animals and numerous foster children. Lillian was an avid animal lover, and she always had a dog cuddling on her lap, whether it was one of her dogs or a grandpuppy. On one occasion, after hearing about an unwanted dog being left alone in a muffler shop overnight, she marched right over to give Buster a proper home. Her compassionate spirit and willingness to provide a safe place to displaced souls is work we'd like to continue through Lily's Place.
  • Chili, one of the original canines in the Brady Bunch, came to Tim with the name Lily.  After being adopted by Tim, her name changed to reflect her New Orlene's origins as she was a puppy born to homeless dogs living on the streets after Hurricane Katrina. Chili arrived in Canada as an (estimated to be) 2 years old who still didn't have a family of her own. Tim met her within hours of her arriving at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. She was exhausted from her travels, curled up in a tiny ball in her dog run, but something about her sweet presence grabbed Tim's heart. The next morning, Tim came back with Flea (another original member of the canine brandy bunch) to meet Chili, and the rest is history. Over her lifetime Chili helped timid little Flea come out of her shell, reassured numerous foster dogs, and remained a calm, stable leader for the canine brandy bunch until her passing in February of 2019 at the age of 13 after a long battle with diabetes.

Our Forever Friends

Canine Brady Bunch

The Canine Brady Bunch

All but one of the original canine Brady Bunch members are pictured in this group shot captured by Echo of Echo's Visuals in early 2019. Flea is the missing member in the group shot as she had passed away after a lifelong battle with diabetes in December 2016 just shy of her 13th birthday.

  • Sassy (far left) - nicknamed "honey bear" because of her sweet disposition was adopted from Renfrew County OSPCA at the age of 1.5 years. This adoptive momma bear to many foster friends (including Little Man) passed over the rainbow bridge in May 2019 at the age of 13 after a heartbreaking battle with cancer.
  • Chili (laying in front of Tim) - See Chili's story in the "our name" section.
  • Cricket (on Jamie's lap) - our spunky girl who only has 3 paws adopted from Toronto Humane Society. Why she only has 3 paws is still a mystery to this day.
  • Lucy (the greyhound) - our gentle, playful, social butterfly was adopted from GRA Canada at the age of 6 after retiring from racing and "bouncing" from several homes.
  • Little Man (the not so little brindle + white guy, front right) - adopted from Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue after being fostered by Jamie for over a year with no adoption prospects is the ultimate cuddle bug! No day is complete for him without snuggling as many people and dogs as possible. He's often found spooning on the deck with our newest pack member, Polkaroo.

Polkaroo: The newest canine resident at Lily's Place

Polkaroo (aka Pokey) came into our home as a foster dog after bouncing from numerous homes in a matter of days after arriving in Canada. She's estimated to be about 3 years old, and by the time she found her way to us, she needed a place where she could feel safe and decompress with a stable pack and lots of consistency.

The part of her story that we do know is that she was found severely injured on the streets of Polk County in Florida.  Those injuries resulted in countless scars, missing teeth, and the loss of her back right leg. Numerous generous, kind-hearted souls provided her aid between the time she was found injured to the time she arrived in our care.

She's a super sweet soul who is eager to please, quick to bond, and wants to be where her friends are. We've also noticed a "monkey see, monkey do" trend with her following Little Man's example of how to be a gentle giant (even though she's half his size).


Update: June 25, 2019

Ever since moving to the country a year ago, Tim and I have been steadily working towards getting our slice of rural heaven ready to be home to (more) animals in need. Our hearts are ready and soon our home will be too 🥰💚🌿. ⁣

We’re in the final stages of expanding our small "dog only" sanctuary with the inclusion of “farm friends” - more specifically, we’re preparing for rescue chickens 🐓 in September (and depending on timing, homeless lambs 🐑 and/or pot belly pigs 🐖 this year as well). ⁣

With the quickly looming deadlines, we’ve decided to do a few special fundraisers to raise the funds needed to propel the project along faster (so we can save lives sooner). ⁣


Update: September 8, 2019

The 🐓 rescue chickens 🐓 have arrived! Keep up with their adventures, their healing journey, and their adjustment to freedom on our Instagram account.

While we help get "the ladies" (as we like to call the chickens) settled, we're also moving full steam ahead to get ready for two lambs who will be joining us in a few short weeks!

See the "how you can help" section below for more info and follow us on Instagram for the latest news.

How you can help

hair products


Shop to show your support! Check out the products whose proceeds go directly to Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary.

Special release Grounded Sage products include:

Lily's Place Apparel includes:

Lily's Place Lightweight Hoodie - black logo



We've got the space, now we just need the resources! If you'd like to financially support Lily's Place, direct donations can be made via:

All funds received will go directly to building comfortable housing (including fencing, bedding, and shelter) as well as covering medical expenses and food for our farm friends at Lily's Place.



Amazon WIsh List

Use our amazon wish list to purchase items that can be delivered directly to Lily's Place, or see our wish list below for the items and volunteer positions we're in need of.

Physical Items


If you'd like to help Lily's Place by volunteering your time, here is a list of current opportunities.

  • Vegetables for the animals - can you partner with us to provide vegetable for the animals?
  • Fundraising support - can you partner with us for a fundraiser?
  • Veterinary support - medication and check-ups are a regular part of having animals. If you can help, please let us know.
  • Animal care support - specific animals have specific needs. We're looking to partner with those who are skilled at providing those special services (watch this space for updates).

Would you like to volunteer in a way that's not listed above? Please reach out to us with your idea 🙂


Reach out! We'd love to hear from you.

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