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Batty's Before & After Story

Well Radiant Rebels, I’ve finally done what I’m always asking you lovelies to do – I’ve decided to share my before and after pictures! Now this has been a long time coming, as I had to go from never EVER wanting anyone to ever see (or be reminded) of how bad my skin was, to … Read more

Confessions of a full time Radiant Rebel

Confession time: Seeing my creations in their new homes always makes my day! It’s such a huge blessing that I sometimes have a hard time believing this is what I do for a living! There’s something so special and grounding about taking raw ingredients and turning them into something that helps so many people – … Read more

Batty's Hair Dye How To (video)

[youtube][/youtube] In this video I answer (in length) the questions I get asked most about my hair! Mainly: what I use to dye my hair with, how I dye my hair, how I keep the color lasting so long (I only have to dye it when my roots come in!), and how I prevent damage. … Read more


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