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My Radiant Rebel Story: Angela

We’re so thankful to have spent 7 wonderful years with all of you Radiant Rebels. Let’s celebrate with another story! On the docket today, we have Angela’s story… “Before discovering Batty’s Bath, I bounced from one product to another in an attempt to try and find something that would work for my acne; some products … Read more

My Radiant Rebel Story: Kathleen

Since February is our birthday month, we wanted to share a bunch of Radiant Rebel Stories. To get the ball rolling, we’re starting with Kathleen’s story… “I’ve suffered from rosacea for as long as I can remember. Before Batty’s Bath… well, let’s just say I had given up, completely. I also felt like chemicals and … Read more

My Radiant Rebel Story: Shannon

It’s time for another story from one of our beloved Radiant Rebels. This journey comes to us from Shannon. Here’s a peek into her radiant world… “I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience any major issues with my skin. My skin is super fair and I’ve been known to burn really easily. There have been … Read more

My Radiant Rebel Story: Maria

It’s amazing how many beautiful souls we meet because of this little business! The stories we receive from Radiant Rebels (just like you) are a big part of what keeps us motivated over here at the Batty’s Bath headquarters. With that being said, we figured it was about time we start to share some of … Read more


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