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New eczema research: what you need to know

Hey, Radiant Rebels! Today’s email is for anyone in the community who suffers from eczema (either occasionally or consistently). Recently, a new study was published that confirmed a cause of the dry, inflamed and itchy skin that plagues eczema sufferers. What was the discovery? Researchers found out what holistic skin care gals (like you and … Read more

Batty's guide to keeping eczema at bay

Hey beautiful! As the weather turns colder, we’re entering into prime time for eczema to flare up! While some eczema-prone Radiant Rebels see a flare in the warm months (like VA Karla), most will find that as the temperature drops outside and the indoor heating cranks up, their skin dries out and introduces a perfect … Read more

3 times we've chatted about eczema

Oi-vay! As much as I LOVE spring, there’s one thing about the season that drives me crazy- literally – and that’s eczema! Thanks to seasonal allergies, eczema shows up (unannounced & without fail) each time the buds start to sprout. It’s like when Crazy Aunt Myrtle comes for a visit and overstays her welcome- you know it’s going to … Read more


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