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Q&A: Tips for applying mineral foundation on my oily skin?

Hey Batty & Team! I need help with applying my Mineral Makeup Foundation on my oily skin. My face is too glowy and I feel like a glow stick! I tried using the Oil Absorbing Setting Powder before and after I apply the minerals, but I still look greasy. Am I doing something wrong? Should I … Read more

Brushing Up: Your Guide to Foundation Brushes

Since foundation application continues to be a hot topic amongst the tribe, I figured I’d create a one-stop-guide for finding the best brush (or tool) to use for getting a flawless complexion with different foundations. We’ll be using Batty’s Bath foundations for this guide, but these techniques are universal for almost any foundation you choose … Read more

Q&A: What is the SPF of your products?

Question Hello! I was wondering if you know what the SPF level of your Mineral Makeup Foundation and other products? I have been using some of your products for a while (I love them!) but mainly in the evening/night or when I am indoors because of that. Thank you! Answer Thanks for your question! Health Canada … Read more

Mineral Foundation Transformation

Powder based foundations aren’t new to the industry, but many people are still timid to give them a try. They think it won’t cover as well, or just don’t know how to apply them without looking “chalky”. I’ll admit, it took me some time to figure them out too, but there’s nothing more freeing on … Read more


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