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Makeup Look for the 2018 holidays: Pink, smokey eye & nude lip

To me, it never feels quite like the holidays until I’ve put together my holiday makeup look for all of you. This year, we asked you what kind of look you wanted to see in the Radiant Rebel Facebook Group. While there were a wide variety of requests, two things were commonly repeated: smokey eye … Read more

Batty's guide to keeping eczema at bay

Hey beautiful! As the weather turns colder, we’re entering into prime time for eczema to flare up! While some eczema-prone Radiant Rebels see a flare in the warm months (like VA Karla), most will find that as the temperature drops outside and the indoor heating cranks up, their skin dries out and introduces a perfect … Read more

Avoiding Breakouts During a Cold or the Flu – Part 2

Previously, we talked about ways you can prevent/minimize breakouts when you feel a cold coming on, but what about when those breakouts have already happened? Sometimes it’s just unavoidable. One day you’re feeling fine and the next you’re cocooned in bed with a nasty cold and some new breakouts. Right now, you can barely lift … Read more

Avoiding Breakouts During a Cold or the Flu

The mesmerizing glimmer of a fresh snowfall… That renewed sense you get from taking a big breath of winter’s crisp air… That complete coziness you feel when you put on your favourite sweater. There are so many reasons to enjoy winter, but I think we can all agree that colds and the flu suck! This … Read more


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