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Video Series: Why Do I Still Have Acne? Cause #4

In our video series “Why do I still have acne when I follow an awesome skin care routine?“, you’ll find out the 7 factors that might be causing acne even though you’ve got your skin care routine under control. We’ll go over quick tips for healing the most common root causes of acne! In this video we cover internal cause #4: liver congestion & detoxification.

Don’t have an awesome skin care routine? Or you’re not sure? No problem! We’ve got a work sheet to help you out! You’ll find it here.

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P.s. the jingling in the background is my rescue dogs ;) They always get excited when they hear me talking because they think I’m talking to them haha.


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  1. Cause  1 – Blood Sugar
  2. Cause 2 – Digestive & Gut Issues
  3. Cause 3 – Allergies & Sensitivities
  4. Cause 4 – Liver Congestion & Detoxification
  5. Cause 5 – Hormonal Imbalances
  6. Cause 6 – Deficiencies
  7. Cause 7 – Emotional Stress


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