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about grounded sage

Grounded Sage Skincare evolved from a desire to care for my skin in a way that put wellness, understanding, and nourishment at the forefront. I felt detached from the mainstream beauty industry and the products it was offering - nothing felt wholesome, authentic, or earthy enough (read the full story below).

Since its inception in 2009, Grounded Sage has grown, but its mission to empower others to lead gentler, kinder lives hasn’t changed. From natural skincare recipes to straightforward skincare education, Grounded Sage makes “the care of skin” less stressful and less confusing.

Today, Grounded Sage Skincare offers a safe haven for those who want to cut through the noise and find a holistic approach to beauty that aligns with their values - whether that’s the hunt for a cleaner, greener moisturizer, or whether that’s making peace with their skin - perhaps for the first time!

Through skin-positive messaging, recipes free of fillers, and an invitation to develop a deeper connection to nature, Grounded Sage Skincare and our community of Radiant Rebels are moving "the care of skin" into a personalized journey of self-care, empowerment, and kindness.

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our story

I’ve always felt at home in nature; there’s no shortage of inspiration, and my intuition blooms when there aren't city sidewalks under my feet.

Ever since I can remember, finding a deep sense of connection, hope, and grounding happened when I was surrounded by tall pine trees and gentle breezes. So, it was no surprise that any time I felt lost, adrift, or nursing a heavy heart, I’d find my way back to nature. One of those times, in particular, was when I was feeling weary over the state of my highly acne-prone skin.

After years of wins, losses, and the “two steps forward, one step back” merry-go-round that would often leave me back in the same spot with my skin (as is the nature of merry-go-rounds), I retreated to the nearest nature trail. As my dog trotted along beside me, I was trying to find a lifeline to anchor my self-esteem and lead me back to shore.

As I took in my surroundings - the evergreens were moving so slightly in the wind, wildflowers were thriving along the side of the cedar-covered trail, and birds sang sweetly - I pondered how communicative Mother Nature is with us. There are always signs of things to come - first bloom in the spring, leaves changing colour in the fall, the first frost.

All of these signs made me consider whether my skin communicated as nature did, informing me of something other than the results of a genetic lottery. Perhaps my skin was trying to convey to me what was working and what wasn’t. Maybe, just maybe, it was telling me that it needed more support than I was giving it - or more wildly, that it required fewer interventions from me and instead was looking for more space to heal.

This one simple thought sent me down the holistic healing rabbit hole of discovering just how much my skin was aching for a pared-down approach. A balanced, holistic approach that didn’t rely on the next quick fix or the next trendy face wash.

This new approach also healed my relationship with my skin. I no longer saw it as something to fight with, control, or attempt to bend to what I thought it needed to look like. Instead, I got to a place of appreciating my skin for being so communicative about what was and currently is affecting it - both internally and externally, physically and emotionally. I became grateful for all the core functions the largest organ in my body, my skin, performed daily (and often without complaint).

During the discovery phase of this newfound holistic approach, I developed my first skincare products. The products were designed to communicate to my skin that I was now on board - that I now “got it” - and was going to support it naturally, gently, and without judgment.

It’s amazing how much pressure is released when pivoting to an approach that seeks to support rather than force — in fact, getting to know my skin as part of my whole body (not just one piece) becomes a lesson in mindfulness, self-discovery, and self-compassion. As these lessons sunk in and took root, I developed a healthy relationship with my skin. It wasn’t long before my skin responded in kind by showing signs of being deeply nourished, cared for, and calm.

Interestingly, it doesn’t take long for others to take notice of healthy relationships, and the healthy relationship I fostered with my skin was no exception. I started getting requests for the very same products I was nourishing my skin with - and I happily obliged!

It was (and is) exciting to share a peaceful approach to skincare that encourages self-compassion, a connection to nature (through natural ingredients and Mother Nature’s gentle guidance), and a wholehearted invitation to trust your body.

When the requests to handcraft my delicate formulas expanded past the time I had available in my schedule, I redirected my career path and Grounded Sage Skincare (previously known as “Batty’s Bath”) was born.

I continued to handcraft skin-supporting, peace-of-mind skincare products from nature’s abundant array of comforting, gentle ingredients until the end of 2019.

Now, the recipes that have been skin-supporting saviours to myself and over 9280 radiant rebels are being released for all who want to evolve on their natural skincare journey. I also continue to encourage others to foster a compassionate relationship with their skin (and their body) through educational resources and articles.

If my story resonates with you, let’s get to know each other better! Here’s where to start.



our values

We value quality connections
...so we've created an open-minded, judgement free community for Grounded Sage customers to share stories and experiences.

We value independence and intuition
...Grounded Sage started from a journey of self-trust, so we foster that in our community and approach to encourage others to trust themselves and their body

We value comfort over chaos
... Real comfort doesn’t just stop with physical comforts (though we’re totally into those too! Bliss is curling up with a good book and a furry friend, am I right?!), we also want our minds to have a cozy place to land - a place free from body (skin) shaming and perfectionist beauty standards - which is why we take a gentle, mindful approach to skincare.

We value compassion for ourselves and others
... One of the ways we foster this value is by committing to give back to local animal charities, rescues, and sanctuaries. Find out more about our charitable work here.

We value a connection to nature
… Nature has so much to teach us if we’re willing to listen. It also has a bounty of nourishing ingredients that our skin understands. For these reasons and more, communing with nature reminds us of our roots and opens our hearts up to the ways we’re all connected.

Helping Animals In Need - Cruelty Free Beauty Brands - Grounded Sage Skincare

our impact

At Grounded Sage, we hold fast to a commitment to always improve and “do better” by working towards greater sustainability, a lighter footprint, and a kinder world.

Initiatives for working towards a kinder world:

  • Empowering those who have felt insecure or shame around their skin
  • Breaking down the notion that our outward appearance defines our worth in the world
  • Fostering the belief that we can each choose to use skincare for the care of our skin - and nothing more (not keeping up with trends, not striving to satisfy beauty ideals, not validating stereotypes, etc)
  • Formulating with clean, kind, cruelty-free ingredients
  • Actively supporting organizations that fight against animal cruelty
  • Being a monthly sponsor and supporter of animal rescue organizations and local farm sanctuaries (including our very own Lily's Place)

meet our team

We’re so proud of our team here at Grounded Sage! Take a moment to get to know them!


Jamie: Founder & Artisan

Our founder is a small town girl who lives way out in the country with her partner, their pack of rescue dogs, and a sprawling herb & vegetable garden. She combines her fascination with medicinal plants and botanicals with her refreshingly gentle approach to skincare to create nourishing products that align with a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not in the studio blending mother nature’s ingredients, she can be found hanging out in nature (gardening, hiking, or star gazing) or cuddled up with a good book and a furry friend.



Administrative Manager


Customer Support Manager

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