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Back to School Skin Care Essentials

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We all start off the school year with bright eyes and bushy tails. Then the first week (or two) passes, and we aren’t ashamed to trudge to class in sweatpants and dark circles. The reality is, as a student, your time is limited and precious. There’s studying, exams, projects, labs, etc.

Your life is complicated and stressful enough that you don’t want to be worried about that extra bit, so we’ve put together some no-fuss solutions for you that help makes student skin care a cinch!


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  1. Quick Stick Acne Fix – Stress comes with a few nasty bi-products. One of which is acne. Keep this at an arms reach in your dorm for when those pesky stress pimples show up unexpected. A simple dab with a Q-tip will help speed up the healing process during breakouts.
  2. Lip Rescue Jelly – Canadian students know the plight of walking to classes in the winter. The layering sucks, but what’s even worse is the dreaded chapped lips! Toss this bad-boy in your pencil case for as-needed applications. As an added bonus, this one works wonders on dry/chapped noses when Mr. Winter hands you an extra dose of the winter blues.
  3. Nature’s Veil CC Cream – Bookbags are heavy enough. There’s no need to be weighed down by your foundations. Plus, it’s like there’s some unspoken rule that you’re not allowed to look like you put effort into your appearance once the semester is underway (LOL). This CC Cream will provide you with just enough coverage that no one will ever even know you’ve put on foundation.
  4. Hydration Mist –  Amongst the craziness that is known as student life, it’s easy to forget to hydrate… including your skin! Balanced skin needs both oil and water to operate at maximum efficiency. Plus, it doesn’t get much easier than spritz, spritz, go!
  5. Oil Absorbing Setting Powder – Who has time to worry about oil during the day? No one, that’s who! Just give yourself a dusting in the morning and you’re off. It’s completely translucent and will help keep excess oil at bay all day long!

Remember these tricks to help you achieve an A+ skincare routine this year of studies. What else is on your ‘must have’ list for school? Be sure to share with us on our Facebook Fan Page!

With Love & Radiance,
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back to school skincare / skincare essentials / green beauty / holistic skincare / skincare for students

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