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anti aging skin care routine for rosacea. naturally reduce redness with healthy botanical beauty face products. Skincare treatments, rosacea remedies for your daily life. How to get rid of rosacea with a natural antiaging regiment. Includes moisturizer, cleanser, serum, night cream, and recommendations for the best rosacea products based on your skin type.

Silicone in skincare products when you have sensitive acne-prone skin

The topic of silicone in skincare products when you have sensitive acne-prone skin doesn’t often come up… until it does. Then it opens a whole discussion that ranges from silicones in skincare, in general, to silicone-free skincare brands, to personal experiences vs what the science says, and more. But let me tackle one aspect of …

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micellar cleansing water with willow bark extract for skin

Salicylic acid can be harsh, but is the natural alternative effective?

  Willow bark extract can be found in natural skincare formulas as an alternative to salicylic acid. Most people who find their way to Grounded Sage are here because, like me, their skin is easily irritated, inflamed, or prone to breakouts when attempting to use common (and often popular and easily accessible) skincare options. But …

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what is the root cause of acne plus the most pore clogging substance your skin will face

What is the root cause of acne?

So what is the root cause of acne? Many think it’s bacteria and focus their acne treatments on controlling “acne-causing bacteria.” While keeping bacteria under control can help, concentrating our efforts here is like trying to stop a rock from rolling down a hill. It’s much easier to move the rock away from the cliff’s …

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what can trigger acne 3 common triggers plus how to avoid triggering acne breakouts

What Can Trigger Acne

Let’s talk about what can trigger acne! There are A LOT of acne triggers, but in this blog post, I’ll address 3 of the triggers that have come up repeatedly in my 14 years of helping people with their skin. What Can Trigger Acne: 3 Common Triggers 1) Pollution can trigger acne 🏭🌫️ WhyΒ  This …

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Does Exfoliating Help Dry Skin. True or false you can't exfoliate dry skin without making it worse

Does Exfoliating Help Dry Skin?

Does exfoliating help dry skin, or does that make dry skin worse? Today we’re looking to bust another dry skin myth, but the truth is that it’s not as straightforward as a simple true or false statement about exfoliating dry skin helping or harming. Let’s get into the details of whether or not exfoliating helps …

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Why do I get acne before my period, Pay close attention to days 15 - 24 of a typical hormone cycle

Why do I get acne before my period?

To answer the question of why do I get acne before my period, we need to look at what happens during your hormonal cycle that makes the perfect combination of triggers for breakouts. Pay close attention to days 15 – 24 of a typical cycle – this window of time determines a lot about whether …

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Another Dry Skin Myth

It’s time to bust another dry skin myth! If you subscribe to my emails, you likely saw my email from 2 weeks ago, which means you know that not washing your face to keep it from drying out is a mythΒ that does more harm than good! If you saw my email from 3 weeks ago, …

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