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Mandy’s Before & After Story

holistic healing natural skincare routine for acne before and after

When radiant rebel Mandy contacted me on Instagram to share her progress pictures, I couldn’t have been more thrilled for her and the healing journey her skin has been on!

Not only is Mandy a gentle soul who I can relate to on a “skin deep” level as we both share an acne journey, but I can also relate to Mandy on a deep level – we’re both INFJ, Taurus, and enneagram 4!

Talk about a relatable, deep connection!

I find this before and after story particularly special because of that connection and all the memories this stirs up of my journey.

Mandy sent these photos over to me on Instagram (which I’m sharing with her permission) and said she wanted to show me the changes in her skin since consistently starting to use my products since October (about 5 months ago).

When I asked her what her skincare routine was, she said:

before and after skincare routine for acne

Mandy’s Natural Acne-Clearing Skincare Routine:

Adding to routine soon: Acne & Oil Balancing Gel Face Mask.

To calm any post-acne redness, Mandy will be testing out:

Healthy, natural skin care routine products for acne morning and night


Additional background and insight from Mandy:

“My skin journey began in high school when I had cystic acne and went on Accutane, which of course removed the breakouts but left my skin dry + scarred, lead me to overspending and overusing skincare products + left me with a lack of knowledge of how to actually nourish my skin.

Now I am deeply interested in how we can understand what our skin is communicating to us/what it needs.

With that being said I am so grateful to continue to learn about what my skin needs through you and your products!

So thank you for sharing my story and for the work that you do ?”



Thanks to Mandy for sharing her story with us. Check out Mandy’s website and connect with her here.

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With love & radiance,

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Skin Before and After Acne Skincare Routine with Vitamin C Serum

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