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Closing the doors on the Grounded Sage Studio

Grounded Sage Skincare is Closing The Online Shop

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🚪🔒💔 Full warning – this is a doozy.

It’s incredible to reflect on the journey you and I have been on and the evolution of Grounded Sage since its humble beginnings in 2009. 

2009 – Each time I type that, I pause because I always start to type 2..0..1… because it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a decade and a half of coming alongside radiant rebels on their natural skincare journey. 

I have to say, this is a tough post to write. It comes with a lot of grief. 

It also feels surreal – almost an out-of-body experience to be sitting at my desk attempting to write the announcement that still hardly feels real. It’s an announcement that is honestly quite terrifying to face. 

But here goes…

As you have read in a previous announcement, the studio is taking a break (we’re still shipping orders but aren’t making any products). I mentioned that we might hibernate all winter after the Holiday Blitz orders were on their way (the last order from the Holiday Blitz was dropped off at the post office on Nov 17th).

When I wrote that announcement, I knew a break was inevitable and something I have been putting off for longer than I’d like to admit (admitting that circumstances have changed and I’m not the superhuman I once was is a tough pill to swallow!)

The truth is, I sincerely want to continue supporting the radiant rebel community by making the products you’ve come to rely on. Some of you have allowed me to support your skin for the last 14 years – an honour I’m so grateful for. There’s something extraordinary about being together on this patchouli-powered ride that’s been cruising along since before Instagram was even a thing. 

As the radiant rebel community has grown, and I’ve tried to keep up, it’s time for me to admit that I just can’t anymore. 

This week, I made all the products I could with the ingredients and packaging I had on hand. As much as it gives me anxiety to say this, I may have made my last batch of products for Grounded Sage Skincare. 

I often lean into the “never say never” platitude, so I find it hard to draw a hardline in the sand and say that this is the end of an era for Grounded Sage. It’s hard to say that with 100% certainty, the last Grounded Sage product has been made this week. It’s hard to comprehend that what is on the shelves is what’s available… And that’s it. Forever. 

So I won’t say that. However, ever the realist, I know that there’s a high probability that the studio side of Grounded Sage has closed for good. 

It’s unlikely that the hibernation of the studio will lift in the spring. Could the Grounded Sage studio be revived with a fresh wave of whatever magic has kept the mixers spinning all this time? Sure – never say never after all 😉

But heart-to-heart, my reluctance to draw that hard line in the sand is mostly a stubborn resistance to change and a fear of free falling into the unknown.

Which is why I’m not letting the business go completely (at least not yet).

I’ve created a Recipe of the Month club and the Recipe Vault on Patreon (patreon.com/groundedsage) for those who want to dive into the world of DIY skincare using recipes I’ve formulated over the years. 

For those who aren’t necessarily looking to DIY their skincare but need guidance on understanding the unique factors that could be keeping their acne-prone skin in a cycle of breakouts, I’ve compiled the in-person workshop I used to run into a self-paced program found at groundedsage.thinkific.com 

So, where do we go from here?

The last Grounded Sage products are made and ready to ship, so start by stocking up on whatever products you’ll miss the most ➜  SHOP GROUNDEDSAGE.COM

In the coming days, I’ll continue this conversation via email (so be sure you’re on the mailing list for updates). I’ll tell you more about resources for continuing your skincare journey after the shelves become bare in the Grounded Sage studio, and we’ll work through this transition together. 

But first, get the products you’ve come to love. I’ll be back in your inbox soon to chat more about the powering down of this patchouli-powered ride.

As always, the Facebook Group is open for starting discussions with other radiant rebels and seeking skincare support.  

Deep breaths on repeat, 


💚 Jamie



TLDR: The studio is closing, and all products that are made and ready to ship are available in the online shop. Once they sell out, they won’t be restocked, and the studio will close. ➜  SHOP GROUNDEDSAGE.COM



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Jamie Sabot, Author, Grounded Sage Skincare

Jamie Sabot

Jamie Sabot is the founder of Grounded Sage Skincare. Since she started in 2009, Grounded Sage Skincare has helped thousands of customers with their skin by creating handcrafted skincare products, online workshops, and this blog, which has been a trusted resource for straightforward natural skincare information to over 2 million readers and counting.

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