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Connections, Community, and Resources

Connections: Inbox Letters

Monthly Prompts For Self-Care Focused Skincare

Once a month I share a practical, gentle way to get to know your skin better.

Topics we often cover include:

  • reading your skin so you can support it fully,
  • simplifying your routine without removing critical health factors for glowing skin,
  • repairing (or deepening) your relationship with the skin you're in,
  • providing ingredient spotlights so you can decide what's right for you,
  • ...and more!

Using a whole-body (holistic) approach, I'll check in with you once a month and provide practical, useful tips for grounding you back into a self-care focused approach to beauty, wellness, and skincare.

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In-Person Gatherings & Events

While we usually spend our “offline time” walking in the woods, reading under the stars, or playing with plants, occasionally we venture out from our natural surroundings to spend time in the “real life” community of our nearest and dears. Often, this time takes the form of an event for one of the charities we support, meeting up with radiant rebels for yoga + face mask nights, collaborating on self-care + skincare workshops, or any other wildly wonderful heart-centred event. Watch this space, sign up for our inbox letters, or see our Facebook events page for any pre-planned local happenings.

Doing Good Things Together

We believe in the power of communities, and that small but mighty non-profits, charities, and welfare groups are at the heart of them. To support our community, Grounded Sage takes a proactive role in helping those doing good by participating in ongoing sponsorships, one-off donations, and the founding of Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary. Learn more about how we're doing good things together.

Facebook Group - an intimate gathering

Join us here for private discussions, skincare support, and a friendly community for caring souls. Ask questions, connect with others, and peek behind the curtains at Grounded Sage Skincare.



Take our skin quiz to find out more about your skin's personality. You'll find out what "floral aura" your skin most relates to right now. Feel free to retake the quiz any time you notice any significant shifts or changes in your skin.

A resource for readers and seekers looking for information on the foundations of holistic, personalized, natural, and intuitive skincare. Whether you want to plan out a switch to cleaner, kinder products, learn about how simple skincare routines work, or you’re looking to tackle something specific, think of our blog as your nearest local library - complete with an abundance of information and lots of cozy reading nooks.

Grounded Sage Rewards

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