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Your Grounded Sage Floral Aura is Daylily!

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Hello beautiful! Let’s get to know your skin better!

By the time you finish checking out this page, you’ll know:

  • The benefits of being a daylily
  • What specific actions to focus on to achieve balance as a daylily
  • Pitfalls to watch out for as a daylily
  • Our top product picks for daylilies
  • Extra daylily specific resources

You’ve landed here because you can say yes to at least 4 of these points

  • You would describe your skin as being oily (either all over, or specific areas like your t-zone)
  • Your breakouts are either mild or moderate
  • Breakouts tend to be consistent or cyclical (happens in a pattern)
  • You are prone to having blackheads
  • Your pores appear enlarged and more noticeable
  • You constantly feel like there is a build up of dead skin cells
  • Your skin feels oily within a few hours of cleansing

Benefits of being a Daylily

  • Your skin produces a lot of oil. While this comes with its downfalls, it also means that you’re less likely to show signs of aging as fast as those who have dry skin.
  • Your skin tends to be an excellent communicator. It lets you know when something’s wrong; it’s just about learning how to read the signs.
  • While dealing with acne is not an easy chore or fun, Daylilies tend to have better emotional balance in dealing with the little things in life. You’re used to a challenge and find rolling with the punches slightly less overwhelming.

Your Top 3 Focuses for balanced skin are

1) Balancing your oils:

Your skin’s flora (a.k.a. your skin’s microbiome) is likely to be a significant contributor to your breakouts – you could have an imbalance, or your skin could be extra sensitive to p.acnes bacteria or substances secreting out of your pores like excess hormones, impurities, and cellular waste.

Externally, your skin will produce more oil if your lipid barrier is damaged. Look for healthy oils that will help repair your lipid barrier, thereby reducing the amount of oil your skin generates – which in turn will give bacteria less to feed on.

Internally, it’s likely that the excess production of oils is related to internal challenges with hormones and other factors, so learn to understand the correlation between what’s happening inside your body and your skin.

Bonus tip: Balance your skin’s microbiome by using ingredients that are proven to help, like the powerhouse antioxidant vitamin B3 (you'll find it on skincare ingredient lists as "Niacinamide"). When applied topically, vitamin B3 has also been shown to repair our skin’s barrier function (healthy barrier function = healthy skin).

2) Exfoliating the daylily way:

Exfoliating doesn’t mean you need to reach for an abrasive scrub each time you wash your face. Harsh scrubs can perpetuate inflammation in areas where you are experiencing breakouts - keeping inflammation low so our skin can heal is super important!

So how do we exfoliate without triggering excess inflammation? Look for products that contain enzymes which are non-abrasive and can exfoliate inside your pores (fun fact: we shed skin cells INSIDE our pores too).

A balanced dose of topical enzymes will help remove blockages and debris that can clog pores and lead to new acne.

3) Hydrating your skin:

While hydration is a key component of any skincare routine, your hydrating products should be boosted with other acne-fighting ingredients. Look for hydrators that contain antibacterial and soothing ingredients alongside their hydrating properties (our Comfrey & Willow Bark Hydrating Toner is a perfect example).


Top pitfalls for a Daylily

  1. Not having a fully balanced routine! Every skin care routine needs to contain a cleanser, exfoliator, hydrator, and moisturizer. Each piece is interconnected and missing just one of these can perpetuate your skin concerns.
  2. Ignoring your skin’s communication signals: Breakouts are caused by some form of inflammation in the body. Whether it allergies, hormones, gut health, there is a reason that’s deeper than the surface. Start listening and tracking your skin’s reactions to certain situations, products, environments and more. Pinpointing the causes and triggers behind your breakouts may take some time, but you can get there! This also means you never want to solely focus on topical solutions for your breakouts. While they can help in the short term, they can’t provide long-term, sustainable solutions without internal healing too.
  3. Over cleansing: People with oily skin are more prone to this bad habit. Twice a day is all your skin needs. More than this and your skin can become stripped, leading to a whole other plethora of challenges. Over-cleansing can also mean using harsh detergents, overly abrasive scrubs, and alcohol. These can dry out your skin completely or cause an even bigger increase in oil production because your skin is trying to make up for what you’ve stripped away. Stick with gentle cleansers that not only leave your lipid barrier intact, but also provide additional benefits for your skin, and don’t overuse them!
  4. Avoiding oils all together: This is a common misperception for people with oily skin. Your skin produces excess oil to repair a damaged lipid barrier (your skin’s natural oil barrier) or when your skin is having a hard time holding on to hydration (aka water). When healthy, natural oils are present, your lipid barrier can repair itself and your skin will adjust its secretion levels. Just make sure the oils you decide to use aren’t in a formula with pore clogging ingredients (as a side note, we specialize in creating products rich in lipid barrier repairing oils while omitting any ingredients or ingredient combination that will clog pores).

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