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Q&A: Experiencing some stinging and redness. Can you help?


red, stinging skin / exfoliating / green beauty / skincare


Hi there-

I’ve been experiencing some redness/slight stinging with my routine. I use Tea Tree Scrub, followed by After Acne Mist, Hydra Healing Gel, and Patchouli Moisturizer. The redness/stinging usually occurs after I apply the Hydra Healing Gel. It doesn’t happen every time, but I find it happens every other day or so. Should I switch hydrators in my routine? If so, what’s a good alternate everyday hydrator? The quizzes on the website keep steering me toward the Hydra Healing Gel. I have mild acne but not sore or cystic and am prone to redness/dry skin.


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Hey there!

Thanks for your question. My immediate thought is that your culprit would be the Tea Tree Scrub. This is the most abrasive exfoliator in our product line and is not recommended for those with sensitive/reactive skin- especially for everyday use! I would recommend switching this out for the

I would recommend switching this out for the Pure Amore Gel Cleanser to allow things to calm down. This one will be extra gentle, soap free AND exfoliates without abrasion thanks to fruit enzymes. If you prefer to have something that’s “scrubby”, feel free to use an exfoliation mitt with the cleanser, or opt for the Pineapple Facial Scrub. If you want to use a mitt, don’t use it daily, but every 2-3 days to allow your skin to relax. I must stress you need to be gentle (light as a feather) when using abrasive exfoliation. Essentially, you want enough pressure to just move the product around and that’s all. Let the product itself do the dirty work. Stick with the Hydra Healing Gel, as it will be super soothing (redness) and hydrating (dryness) for your skin.

I suspect the only reason you’re feeling it is because of the prior scrubbing and not because of the gel itself, but because of the irritation that’s occurring on the surface level. Think of it like a sunburn where the skin is irritated and inflamed. Aloe calms and cools eventually, but it can also sting when first applied for a wee bit.

With Love & Radiance,


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red, stinging skin / exfoliating / green beauty / skincare

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