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My Radiant Rebel Story: Maria

skincare journey / green beauty / natural skincare

It’s amazing how many beautiful souls we meet because of this little business! The stories we receive from Radiant Rebels (just like you) are a big part of what keeps us motivated over here at the Grounded Sage headquarters. With that being said, we figured it was about time we start to share some of the uplifting journeys we’ve been collecting!

Up first in this new series is Radiant Rebel Maria. Here’s just a peek into her radiant world…


I never used moisturizer, and rarely hydrated my skin because the idea of putting some kind of weird liquid on my skin freaked me out. In fact, anything with the slightest resemblance of oil made my skin scream. I was never able to put anything on my face other than soap without breaking out. My acne was consistent and stubborn and nothing worked. I would see tiny progressions in my skin, but no real wins. I suspected hormones to be the culprit behind my acne breakouts but had no clue how to temper and address them.

I was determined to give natural products a try, but finding an affordable brand was another story. That’s when I discovered Grounded Sage. Not only was it affordable, but I could appreciate the care taken in choosing the ingredients Jamie put in her products. My first purchase was the Detox Kit. As soon as I realized I could put cream on my face and it would actually HELP my acne instead of making it worse, I was hooked.

Post detox, I switched to the Acne Prone Skin Care Kit for a couple of years but have since mastered my own custom routine that includes the Tea Tree Facial Scrub, Hydra Healing Gel, and Raw Radiance Moisturizer. My skin has gone from constantly having acne, to maybe getting a zit when I have a moment of weakness in my routine. I have the ability to be acne free. It’s a LOT of work and sometimes I crack, but my skin is in the best condition it’s been in since I was 16 (I’m 30… shh!). 

If I could share one thing with other Radiant Rebels it would be to listen to your skin! It will tell you when it doesn’t like something, and that’s O.K.! It may take some time to pinpoint what it wants, but it can happen for you too. Also, if products aren’t giving you the results you’re looking for, SEARCH INSIDE YOU!  I hesitated on this part for too long, and my problem turned out to be mostly digestive and hormonal- Go figure.

My journey as a wander-lusting, risk-taking Radiant Rebel continues. Today it’s about maintaining my skin and improving my routine habits. Every morning I stare at my face in the mirror, anticipating a fresh zit. I’m always paranoid that suddenly, everything will stop working and I’ll have to start from scratch again, but if that ever happens, I know I’m in good hands with Grounded Sage. I love being a part of a community that puts a lot of value in self-improvement and helping others to achieve the same on their journeys.

Every single person I’ve introduced to Grounded Sage has loved it. So, go for it!

– Maria, Radiant Rebel & Biologist


If you have a story like Maria’s that you think other Radiant Rebels need to hear, don’t be shy! We’d love to hear them! Simply click HERE!

Until next time!

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skincare journey / green beauty / natural skincare


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