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Wanderlust + Travel Natural Skincare Essentials

Skincare essentials for travel / green beauty / holistic skincare

The idea of exploring and travelling the world is exciting but it’s not always as appealing for our skin. The sudden and harsh change of climates can be rough on our skin and lead to inflammation. Supporting your skin with the right ingredients can make the shift a little smoother so you and your skin can enjoy the wonders of the world. The shopping guide below features products specifically chosen to help this process through calming and supportive ingredients.


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Skincare essentials for travel / green beauty / holistic skincare


Products Featured In This Shopping Guide

Zero Waste Lip Balm - Eco Friendly Skincare

Lip Balm+
(Creates a supportive barrier during climate change.)

Calming Pink Clay Mask - Natural Skincare Face Mask - Zero Waste Skin Care

Quick Calm Calendula & Pink Clay Mask
(Soothes and calms skin that’s inflamed or on edge.)

Zero Waste Shampoo Soap Bar with Tea Tree Oil

Tresses To Toes CP Soap
(Body & shampoo bar that eliminates the need for extra products during travel.)

Organic BB Cream - Natural Skincare - Handmade in small batches - Ontario Canada

Nature’s Veil CC Cream
(Provides light coverage while supporting your through moisturizing and hydrating ingredients.)

Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Organic Skincare - Handcrafted in Ontario Canada

Calendula Gentle Gel Hydrator
(Replenishes lost moisture due to travel, especially planes.)


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