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The Buzz About Bees: How You Can Support Bee Culture

save the bees / bee culture / green beauty / honey / beeswax

Bees are the reason for so much of the beauty we see in this world.

Did you know, one honeybee can pollinate up to 300 MILLION flowers in a single day?

According to Greenpeace USA, bees account for 80% of pollination worldwide and 90% of the nutrition we eat. It would be an understatement to say that our health and survival directly correlates with theirs. This is why the “save the bees” movement has taken off more and more as people learn about how important bees really are.

While pesticides and other farming chemicals are at the forefront of what is causing a mass decline in bee populations, the situation is quite complex. Loss of habitat and global warming also play a part, but one thing is for certain; we need to do what we can to support and save the bees.

While scientists are still working at finding a root cause(s) for the falloff, they have discovered that there is a way to help rebuild bee colonies through organic farming methods. These methods are being tested around the globe with countries like Bhutan and Mexico leading the way.

save the bees / bee culture / green beauty / honey / beeswax


How can you support bee culture?

Buy Organic

Green farming practices are nothing new. They’ve been around for centuries but it’s only now that we’re realizing the greater impacts of chemical farming. It’s no longer just about our health. It’s also about the greater impact on our ecosystems.

Just like humans, bees can accumulate a toxic load. Chemical-free farming minimizes our intake of chemical pesticides, but it also helps the bees. Without the toxic load, colonies are healthier and better able to perform their job. It’s kind of like how sluggish we feel after eating a bunch of junk food. Better nutrition results in high productivity.

Buying organic doesn’t just mean you’re purchasing cleaner, healthier produce. It also means you’re avoiding GMO strains that can withstand monocrop practices. Monocrops have been known to deplete the soil of certain nutrients that are needed to sustain other crops. Try as they might, bees are unable to pollinate in this soil because it’s no longer able to support the biodiversity required in a healthy ecosystem.

Luckily, farmers and grocers alike, are starting to recognize the importance of organic farming and are making organic produce more accessible. Look for organic alternatives the next time your browsing the product aisle or visiting your local market.

Fun Fact: At Grounded Sage, we source as many organic ingredients as we can in order to support healthy, agricultural practices. When you purchase organic beauty products that use natural, plant-based ingredients, you’re also supporting the bees.


If You Purchase Honey or Beeswax, Shop Mindfully

Beekeepers (apiarists) have come a LONG way in their techniques. The invention of moveable frame hives ensure that no bee is harmed in the collection of honey and beeswax. It’s a cruelty-free practice that supports the bees and their health in a much safer environment than being left to fend for themselves.

In fact, when left alone, colonies are much more likely to succumb to diseases and other issues like honey-bound hives. To prevent a hive from becoming honey-bound, the excess honey and beeswax need to be removed. That’s where the apiarists come in. They remove the excess which allows the queen bee to continue breeding, unimpeded. When you purchase honey and beeswax from your local apiary, your money supports these healthy practices and ensures that beekeepers can sustain their businesses, which supports the bees in the long run. Buying locally also means you’re contributing to the health of your local ecosystem and its biodiversity.

save the bees / bee culture / green beauty / honey / beeswax


Don’t just take our word for it!

Here are a few words from Cassandra Brunsdon, Retail Manager at Nith Valley Apiaries in New Hamburg, Ontario:

There are plenty of ways you can support bee culture. If you have any garden space, planting bee-friendly (uncontaminated) plants is a great place to start. We have a blog that is ongoing that you can reference for a list of these types of plants and forage: https://www.nithvalleyapiaries.ca/blog

Support local food producers is also crucial. These farmers are the ones invested in our future for the long term. This allows small farming businesses to stay in operation while preventing their land from being sold and turned into shopping centres or other industrial areas that destroy habitation for bees and other wildlife.

Lastly, support your local beekeeper. By purchasing directly from a beekeeper you are supporting your local ecosystem. Without your local beekeeper, your local ecosystem wouldn’t thrive. You also know that the honey you purchase directly from your beekeeper is 100% honey. Remember honey is a crop; there is lots of education required to maintain a strong and healthy hive. Your purchases are a great way to show your respect and appreciate for this practice.


Other companies supporting the bee culture


There you have it! Fewer causes are as easy and nutritious to support! Next time you’re planting your garden or looking for a way to sweeten your cup of tea, think of the bees. 🙂

With love & radiance,

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save the bees / bee culture / green beauty / honey / beeswax

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