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True or False: Not washing your face keeps your skin from drying out

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Gather ’round my dry skin radiant rebels!

Today’s blog post is quick but important, so let’s get right into it.

Common Dry Skin MYTH:
Not washing your face keeps your skin from drying out

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we didn’t have to do anything to keep our skin glowing? Sadly, that’s not the case for most of us.

THE TRUTH IS not washing your face makes it HARDER for your skin to stay moisturized, hydrated, clear, and soft.

  • What happens when you skip out on cleansing:
    • Hydrating + Moisturizing products have a more challenging time absorbing (and therefore don’t work to their full potential) because they first have to try to get through dirt, debris, and dead skin cells
  • What happens when you DO cleanse with the right cleanser for your skin:
    • You help keep pH levels balanced  on your skin (watch for next week’s email for why pH levels are important)
    • You support your skin’s natural protective barrier (this is related to pH levels!)
    • Your skin retains healthy moisture levels (pH levels balanced = supporting your barrier = hydration heaven for your skin!)

I’ve got several more dry skin myths to bust, but next week we’ll talk about pH levels (and why you should care).

Stay tuned,

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True or False? Not washing your face keeps your skin from drying out

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