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Kat’s Before & After Story

Kat's before and after story // acne journey // green beauty

When Kat asked for our help, her skin was sore, inflamed, and out of control! Kat said no matter what she did, the acne just kept coming and was progressively getting worse. She needed help. Her confidence was taking a major hit and she was starting to lose hope that she would ever be rid of her adult acne!

Kat's before and after photos // acne healing with Grounded Sage Skincare


After Kat’s skin consult, it was clear that Kat’s skin was severely dehydrated! Add that to an overproduction of oil, and she had the perfect recipe for adult acne.

Kat’s skin also had an overload of p.acne bacteria. This is a naturally occurring bacteria but it grows exponentially in oily environments.

Along with several lifestyle-focused suggestions, Kat followed this routine:
  1. Washed her face with Tea Tree Facial Nut Scrub
  2. Applied Refresh & Reinforce Drops to her whole face
  3. Applied Hydration Mist right after the drops
  4. After the serum and mist has absorbed most of the way, and her face was slightly damp, she applies the Patchouli Facial Moisturizer


Thanks to Kat for sharing her story with us. Have a transformation story like Kat’s that you’d like us to know about? CLICK HERE. Perhaps you’d like to read more before and after stories? CLICK HERE.

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Kat's before & after story / acne / green beauty / skincare / eco beauty

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