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“It took me 50 years, but I’m finally loving my skin.” – Embracing gentle skincare as part of your self care rituals.

learning to nourish and care for your skin without stress shame or needing to be obsessed with beauty

One of the places I love to hang out on the internet is in our Radiant Rebel Facebook Group.

It’s a place for community, for support, for fun.

It’s also a safe place for exploring the ins and outs of rebuilding a positive relationship with our skin.

Recently, one of our radiant rebel group members, Amy, shared a snapshot from her skincare + self-care journey.

I believe it’s a snapshot that many of us can relate to, so I asked her permission to reshare here on the Grounded Sage Blog.

Amy, a desert marigold skin type, graciously said yes to me resharing her post, which you’ll find below.


what drugstore and department store skincare and cosmetics did for my skin and what I find works better

I am having such great results using Grounded Sage, compared with what I did for many (many!) years with standard prestige or drugstore commercial skincare.

Because I have always been breakout-prone, I ended up over stripping my skin, damaging my lipid barrier, and actually encouraging inflammation and acne.

I worked in a major US department store with a very active, aggressive cosmetic dept, so I had boxes full of pricey skincare I couldn’t really afford but was pressured to buy since my coworkers assessments depended on our participation.

But I did my skin no favours.

The cleanser/toner/serum/moisturizer systems didn’t help.

Now I know why.

Now I cleanse/hydrate/moisturize and at night add a serum.

Once or twice a week, I mask/exfoliate.

I no longer fear oils as long as they’re the correct oils.

I love what I’m using.

I now look forward to this self-care ritual because I’m seeing real results.

I also experience it, the aromas, the textures. It’s a joy.

Thank you, Jamie Sabot and all at Grounded Sage.

It took me 50 years, but I’m finally loving my skin.

– Amy

It took me 50 years, but I’m finally loving my skin. Lessons learned about how to take care of my skin that are working for me when drugstore and department store products failed.


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Lots of love, light and lavender,

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