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How to know when it's time to switch up your skin care routine

when to change up your skin care routine

We get this question all the time from Radiant Rebels and figured we’ve put together a little cheat sheet for you to help answer this super common question: How do I know if and/or when I should be switching up my skin care routine (or kits)?

When it’s the WRONG time to switch up your routine:

024_003You’ve been using your kit/routine for less than 3 weeks. This is usually an appropriate amount of time to notice if you’re seeing improvements. Don’t be alarmed by unusual breakouts- there’s a good chance you’re experiencing detox breakouts, especially if you’re new to a natural skin care routine. Click here for an explanation of detox breakouts.

024_003When it’s working! The saying “why mess with a good thing” is totally applicable when it comes to skin care routines. if you’re noticing improvements- stick with it! HOWEVER, this may be a good time to think about holes in your routine, or increasing how often you’re using something that’s been super beneficial (like a gel mask or hydrator for example). See our routine builder worksheet to check for holes in your routine.

024_003Your life is in a chaotic state. Your best bet is to wait until things calm down, and stress is minimized for your best chances in achieving balanced skin. Otherwise, heavy stress and demanding schedules can lead you to believing that it’s your skin care routine is the cause of breakouts and inflammation, when really it underlying internal causes contributing to your skin acting out.


When it’s the RIGHT time to switch up your routine:

024_004Your skin care routine is loaded with non-natural, chemical laden, or harsh products. You’ll want to check for products that contain the following ingredients known as the Dirty Dozen. These can be found here. You’ll also want to avoid benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Here’s another great post by Batty that helps you figure out if the product you’re using are causing your skin condition.

024_004You haven’t picked out products based on our current skin care concerns, or worked out a targeted skin care routine based on your concerns. Need help? We’ve got worksheet just for you!


024_004You experience any stinging, excessive dryness, flaking, or redness after using your current products.


024_004You’re using products based on what your mother, sister or girlfriends told you to use for your skin. Investigate the products you’re using, and see if they stand up to the claims your friends or family have told you. You’ll want to check to see if these products are right for YOU and your skin.

024_004The weather or your environment has changed. With seasonal changes (both indoors and outdoors) comes new conditions your skin is exposed to. Assess what your skin needs based on your current skin care goals and the conditions your skin is being exposed to.

024_004If you’ve done some deep reflection and know what you’re currently using (or how you’re using it) is no longer serving you, wasn’t right for you in the first place, or is made by a company who’s energy doesn’t align with your own.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge of when the right time (and the wrong time) to switch up your skin care routine is!  If right now is the right time, head over here for a step by step guide to building a routine that targets your biggest skin concerns

Until next time – stay radiant!

Love VA Karla


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