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anti aging skin care routine for rosacea. naturally reduce redness with healthy botanical beauty face products. Skincare treatments, rosacea remedies for your daily life. How to get rid of rosacea with a natural antiaging regiment. Includes moisturizer, cleanser, serum, night cream, and recommendations for the best rosacea products based on your skin type.

Silicone in skincare products when you have sensitive acne-prone skin

The topic of silicone in skincare products when you have sensitive acne-prone skin doesn’t often come up… until it does. Then it opens a whole discussion that ranges from silicones in skincare, in general, to silicone-free skincare brands, to personal experiences vs what the science says, and more. But let me tackle one aspect of …

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micellar cleansing water with willow bark extract for skin

Salicylic acid can be harsh, but is the natural alternative effective?

  Willow bark extract can be found in natural skincare formulas as an alternative to salicylic acid. Most people who find their way to Grounded Sage are here because, like me, their skin is easily irritated, inflamed, or prone to breakouts when attempting to use common (and often popular and easily accessible) skincare options. But …

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Another Dry Skin Myth

It’s time to bust another dry skin myth! If you subscribe to my emails, you likely saw my email from 2 weeks ago, which means you know that not washing your face to keep it from drying out is a myth that does more harm than good! If you saw my email from 3 weeks ago, …

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Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?

  Along with questions about acne and sensitive skin, I also get a lot of questions about dry skin. It’s not a surprise, really. Besides genetics and environmental factors, there are many reasons for dry skin. So, today, I’m answering the question: Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? Or, at least, …

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How To Restore Moisture Without Triggering An Acne Breakout

How’s your skin doing? If winter has gotten the best of it and you’re not sure how to restore moisture without triggering an acne breakout, this post is for you! Avoiding breakouts while also… tackling sticky cells fortifying our skin’s lipid barrier and getting rid of a buildup of dead skin cells … is a common stumbling …

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holistic skincare remedy facial toner with herbs for clear skin

Herbs for clear skin and why they work

Herbs for Clear Skin and why they work! Here is a list of the most healing herbs & plants (along with their benefits) for troubled, sensitive skin that’s having difficulty getting clear of acne breakouts.   Aloe Extremely soothing  Hydrating and moisturizing Boosts healing  Antibacterial and antimicrobial  Increases collagen synthesis   Comfrey Contains anti-aging antioxidants  …

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Congested Skin Serum and Routine Review

Review: Congested Skin Serum in Natural Skin Care Routine

(Customer Review) Sarah L wrote to us with these kind words and photos: Must try! Divine products my skin LOVES! Grounded Sage became very appealing for me to support when I learned supporting their business also supports the care of rescued farmed animals at their sanctuary. As someone interested in skincare with a long history …

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when mineral sunscreen hard to wash off - Here's how to wash off mineral sunscreen even if you have sensitive skin

Are you finding mineral sunscreen hard to wash off? Here’s how to wash off mineral sunscreen (even if you have sensitive skin)

QUESTION: If you’re finding mineral sunscreen hard to wash off, or if you’ve discovered just how calming natural sun protection can be for your sensitive skin but need to know how to remove zinc oxide cream from your skin, you’re in the right place! Today we look at how to wash off mineral sunscreen or …

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Treating Acne Holistically Instead of Accutane - My Acne Journey Blog with hydrating routine

Treating Acne Holistically Instead of Accutane

Treating Acne Holistically – an acne journey that used organic skin care for acne instead of Accutane. JM’s Skin Journey: including before and after skin care pictures Today we’re sharing something a little different on the blog: a customer’s radiant journey with their skin as told in their own words. For privacy, we’ll call this …

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Managing Melasma Triggers Naturally - skin care product recommendations

Managing Melasma During Pregnancy

QUESTION: The following question was asked by a radiant rebel in our Facebook community: “I’m currently pregnant and dealing with lots of Melasma (never experienced this before even with my last pregnancy which I used your products all throughout). I guess I’m looking to see if you have any suggestions on what I should add/discontinue to …

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