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Your Grounded Sage Floral Aura is Orchid!

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Hello beautiful! Let’s get to know your skin better!

By the time you finish checking out this page, you’ll know:

  • The benefits of being an orchid
  • What specific actions to focus on to achieve balance as an orchid
  • Pitfalls to watch out for as an orchid
  • Our top product picks for orchids
  • Extra orchid-specific resources

You’ve landed here because you can say yes to at least 4 of these points

  • You notice a frequent red flush/blush to your skin
  • Areas of your face consistently appear red that won’t go away
  • Your skin is very sensitive to skin care products and can become easily inflamed /sore/reactive
  • Small changes in your routine can send your skin into a frenzy
  • Outside stressors can irritate your skin, such as spicy foods, the sun, wind, heat, etc.
  • You often notice small red bumps that appear like acne, but never fully develop into a whitehead, and appear in clusters
  • Your skin feels like it’s easily stripped
  • Your skin can become irritated just by touching it too much or too hard
  • You can describe your skin as being oily/dry/combination too
  • Washing your skin more than once a day can easily irritate it
  • Abrasive exfoliation irritates your skin and/or causes redness

Benefits of being an Orchid

  • Your skin is like that sassy, blunt girlfriend who’s not shy about telling you what she doesn’t like. There’s usually little to no guessing when your skin is unhappy.
  • Your skin is good at communicating with you about changes to your skincare routine. It doesn’t take as long to know if something won’t work.
  • Your skin care routine really only needs the essentials. You don’t need a lot of boosting products; it’s about the quality essentials.

Your Top 3 Focuses for balanced skin

  1. Reducing inflammation: Get to know what ingredients are known for their abilities to help reduce inflammation, like turmeric, aloe, calendula, etc. Antioxidants will also help to build your resilience to inflammation.
  2. Controlling inflammation: You want to get to a point where it’s not just about soothing present inflammation. Find balance and maintaining that calm state are a key focus for you. Find your skincare essentials and stick to them like glue.
  3. Protect the skin: Major factors of inflammation for Orchids are environmental stresses like wind, sun, heat, etc. Look for products that are going to help by providing a protective layer between yourself and the outside world.

Top pitfalls for an Orchid

  1. Not having a fully balanced routine! Every skin care routine needs to contain a cleanser, exfoliator, hydrator, and skin moisturizer. Each piece is interconnected and missing just one of these can perpetuate your skin concerns.
  2. Product jumping: When you find something that works, stick with it! Jumping on the newest gimmicks can send your skin into a tailspin. Your skin is highly reactive to start and when we are continually changing up the skincare landscape, our skin becomes confused and expresses it through inflammation.
  3. Not providing protection: We all love getting a little colour in the summer, but to Orchids, the sun can be more damaging than just a sunburn. Skin conditions like Rosacea are heightened when introduced to seasonal, environmental changes. Be sure your products include protective ingredients that will help your sensitive skin fight back against stressors.

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