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Pillars Of Healthy Skincare: Why Antioxidants Should Be In Your Skincare Products

skincare basics / antioxidants / green beauty / holistic beauty

When it comes to supporting our skin over the long haul, we don’t need to have elaborate routines or follow the latest beauty trends. Keeping our skin happy and well supported involved a few key concepts (one of which I’ll cover today – see this post for more). Within each concept, we each have the freedom to find ingredients, products, and routines that work best for us (more on that here).

Today I’ll be talking about antioxidants. You’ve probably heard that we should eat an antioxidant-rich diet, but what about an antioxidant-rich skincare routine? Keep reading to find out more about this pillar of healthy skincare.


Pillar 2: Topical Multi-Vitamin.

🌿 What:
Daily use of topical antioxidants

🌿 Why:
Think of topical antioxidants as your skin’s version of a multi-vitamin: while you may not see immediate results by taking vitamins for your body, doing so will help keep your body healthy over the long haul – topical antioxidants are like that for your skin.

  • Topical antioxidants help stop inflammation from leading to skin damage. This interruption of potential damage has fantastic long-term effects on our skin by helping it stay healthy.

🌿 How:
Through the use of skincare products packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients like vitamin e, vitamin b3, vitamin c, green tea, licorice, grape seed, sea buckthorn, sunflower, argan, fruit extracts, cucumber, white tea, etc.

skincare basics / antioxidants / green beauty / holistic beauty

Wondering which products in our line up are packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients? You’d be hard-pressed to find a product we make that doesn’t have oodles of antioxidants, but here are a few examples of products that would be my top picks for adding a “topical multi-vitamin” to a simple skincare routine:

🥕 Forever Young Facial Moisturizer: green tea, vitamin e, mango, avocado, carrot, cucumber, apple, rhubarb, papaya, rosehip

🌼 Hydration Mist: vitamin b3, vitamin b5, rose, chamomile

🌻 Raw Radiance Facial Moisturizer: vitamin b4, vitamin b5, vitamin e, vitamin c, green tea, grape seed, sunflower, argan, Kakadu plum, cucumber

🍇 Balance Serum: vitamin c, vitamin e, green tea, grape seed, licorice, pumpkin seed, jojoba, borage, chamomile

🥕 Rosy Repair Serum: licorice, vitamin e, carrot, rosehip, rose, chamomile

🌻 Pumpkin Enzyme Cream Facial Mask: sea buckthorn, grape seed, vitamin e, sunflower


Ready to learn about the other pillars of healthy skincare? Right this way

Until next time, stay radiant!

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skincare basics / antioxidants / green beauty / holistic beauty

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