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Q&A: Can You Recommend A Probiotic Available Internationally?

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Hi there,

I’ve gone through ALL your blog posts on internal root causes and I truly believe a lot of my problems are due to digestion issues.  Sadly, I can’t get hold of Genestra where I am in Singapore.  Would you possibly have any brands of probiotics to recommend from say, iherb, which ships internationally?

Thank you so much!

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Hi There!

Thanks for your question!

You’ll want to look for a probiotic you can get locally that has enough CFU per capsule.  So for example, if you were to start with one similar to the one I take most days (which is currently Genestra HMF Replenish), you’d be looking for 100 billion CFU.  You may not need that many though. I’d suggest starting with 25 billion (the Genestra version is called HMF intensive – I take this one usually every 3 days in place of HMF Replenish.  I also like pro-bio sap but it’s only 10 billion).  If a 25 billion formula works you can see about dropping down to 10 billion (or if it doesn’t work, increasing the CFU).

Also, you’ll want to see what strains of CFU are included in the formula.  If you’ve never tried any probiotics you can basically start anywhere and go from there.  If you want to look for similar strains to the ones I take, head over to the HMF Replenish or HMF Intensive probiotic pages at betterbabyhealth.com for a list of the strains included in each.  That would be a fabulous place to start!

Also note that all good probiotics (that I’ve had experience with) need to be refrigerated.  So don’t let anyone sell ya on any that aren’t.  If you find you get up to 100 billion or even 50, without ANY improvement, try a blend of different strains.  If you DO see some results with a lower CFU, you’ll know you’re on the right track and could increase the CFU if needed.

I hope that helps!

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internal skincare / green beauty / holistic skincare / probiotics


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