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holistic skincare remedy facial toner with herbs for clear skin

Herbs for clear skin and why they work

Herbs for Clear Skin and why they work! Here is a list of the most healing herbs & plants (along with their benefits) for troubled, sensitive skin that’s having difficulty getting clear of acne breakouts.   Aloe Extremely soothing  Hydrating and moisturizing Boosts healing  Antibacterial and antimicrobial  Increases collagen synthesis   Comfrey Contains anti-aging antioxidants  … Read more

Witch Eyeshadow Palette

Witch Eyeshadow Palette

For all the witchy radiant rebels out there, I’ve put together 2 witch eyeshadow palettes – one perfect for working magic by the moon; the other has more of a “practical magic” vibe for conjuring up good intentions throughout the day. Night & Day: 2 Witch Eyeshadow Palettes Lunar Magic Mineral Eyeshadow Palette Are you … Read more

blueberry beauty botanical skincare apothecary

Beautiful Blueberries – Botanical Skin Care for Spring

We’re celebrating the arrival of spring with a special collection of handmade bath and body products straight from our eco-friendly apothecary. First up is our five limited edition body butters. You might have spotted the social media announcement where I talked about what inspired the Sweet Bergamot Body Butter. Today, I’m sharing the inspiration behind the … Read more

natural cream concealer pot in matte finish - vegan makeup

Is concealer the same as foundation?

Today we answer the question: Is concealer the same as foundation? It’s a great question because on the surface they can seem very similar! They both can even out skin tone. They can both conceal imperfections. They are both coloured cosmetics. So what’s the difference between concealer and foundation? Let’s have a look: Concealer vs … Read more

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