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Q&A: What Should I Use After My Training Sessions?

post workout skincare / fitness / green beauty / skincare


Hi there,

I have a question about how to deal with my skin because I’m a competitive athlete and go from wearing a sweaty helmet cycling to training back to cycling. I know my skin is “dirty” but unsure of what products I should take to practice.

Thank you so much!


Pineapple Scrub made with natural ingredients / fruit enzymes / facial exfoliant / green beauty


Hi There!

Thanks for your question!

You might want to check out our Find Your Perfect Cleanser + Exfoliator Quiz first.  Though by what you’ve mentioned, I would suspect that our deep cleaning products would be best for you.  Specifically, our Pineapple Scrub and Green Tea + Pineapple Liquid Cleanser.  Use one of them in the AM and one in the PM.  Our Quick Spritz Oil Fix is also great for those in-between times when you aren’t able to wash your face.

I hope that helps!


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post workout skincare / fitness / green beauty / skincare

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