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The Elusive, Perfect Skincare Routine & The 1st Step In Finding Yours

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So often we’d like someone to hand us the perfect skincare routine – one that will fit perfectly with our skin so we don’t have to worry about getting it “right” anymore. But the truth is nobody can do that for us.

Our skin is affected by both internal influences (hormones, genetics, diet, stress, inflammation, etc) as well as external influences (the environment – like hot/cold, dry/ humid/, sun exposure, wind, pollution, etc… as well as what we put on our body – aka skincare, personal hygiene products, hair care, etc).

Which means we all have a unique set of triggers, influences, and “stuff” that our skin is navigating. Since it’s a unique, mixed bag for each of us, listening to our skin and taking into account what factors influence how it feels the most (which again, is different for everyone), is the way to go.

It can be hard to know exactly HOW to do this – especially when we’re new to a holistic (whole body) approach, but it does get easier and there’s lots of support available. If learning the unique combination of factors that support your skin is something you’re interested in, you’ve found your support network!

There are so many (free) resources available to our community (see an overview here), but the first place I always recommend as a starting point is our “Foral Aura Skin Assessment”. It helps narrow down the top level signs and signals your skin is sending you. To take it (it’s free!), click the graphic below.

floral aura skin assessment / skin type / green beauty / eco beauty / skincare

Some of the things you’ll learn after taking our (quick yet accurate) skin assessment include:

  • 🌈  The benefits of having your unique combination of skin characteristics!
  • 🏃  What specific actions to focus on to achieve balanced, radiant skin
  • ☔  Pitfalls to watch out for!
  • ⭐  Must have products for your skin
  • 📚  A list of resources picked specifically for you

With love & radiance,

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Perfect skincare routine / how to skincare / green beauty / skin consult / skin assessment

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