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What you need to know before changing your skin care routine

What you need to know before changing your skin care routine

Earlier this month we posted a blog called How to Know When it’s Time to Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine. Now it’s time to address the ‘WHAT’ when it comes to making a change. Here’s a few thing all our Radiant Rebels should consider if they find themselves in a situation where the routines need a shake up!

  1. First and foremost, consider if your skin needs a detox before moving onto something more targeted. Maybe you’re new to natural skin care, noticing some congestion in your skin or you’ve been sneaking in some ‘not-so-good’ for you products in your routine. You want your skin to be in the best possible state so that it’s able to absorb all the benefits of your targeted routine. The best way to do this is with our Detox Skin Care Kit. There you’ll also find a list of booster products (under add-ons) that you can supplement the kit with to REALLY optimize the process.
  2. Get to know what products every routine needs to have the best rate of success! Luckily, we already have a routine builder ready to help you build the perfect routine! Click over to our Routine Builder to get started.
  3. Remember, your skin needs to heal itself at its own pace (not what you wanted to hear- we know, but it’s true). The best thing you can do for our skin (the biggest organ in our body) is to support its ability to heal itself. Remind yourself that you want to SUPPORT, not FORCE, your skin back to balance. Your goal should be to look for sustainable, achievable, beneficial results. Patience is a virtue!
  4. Open up a two-way dialog with your skin! As the largest organ in your body, it has the ability to communicate with you, especially when it comes to what’s going on internally. Often the message comes in the form of a breakout. Hormones and inflammation are two of the biggest factors that effect how our skin operates from the inside. These two things are especially effected by what we eat & drink, what we do (stress, activity level, exposure to toxins, etc.) and other triggers.  It’s all connected! If you’ve been experiencing a chronic skin condition for a long time now, you really need to consider if there’s an internal issue going on. Chances are there is, and it’s just as import to tackles these, as it is topically. if you want to see real results!Not sure what you’re breakouts are trying to tell you? Start by checking out our Breakouts: Possible Underlying Causes resource, that can help connect the common areas for breakouts to different things that may be happening on the inside.


Now that you’ve taken in all the pre-game information, does your skin care routine need a change?

If so, why not let us guide you through building a simple, straight-forward routine that’s customized to target your biggest concerns? Yup, there really are routines that are that awesome! When you’re ready, hope over to the routine building walkthrough.



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