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Avoiding Breakouts During A Cold Or The Flu

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The mesmerizing glimmer of a fresh snowfall… That renewed sense you get from taking a big breath of winter’s crisp air… That complete coziness you feel when you put on your favourite sweater. There are so many reasons to enjoy winter, but I think we can all agree that colds and the flu suck!

This winter seems like it’s been particularly challenging for many of us with all the pressure changes. Mother Nature sure can’t seem to get a grip on the weather this year, and there have been a number of plights making their rounds. I just survived the worst head cold/flu I’ve had in years, so I figured it would be the perfect time to share some tips on avoiding breakouts when you’re sick.

You don’t want the gross details, so let’s just get into the good stuff!


Tips for avoiding breakouts when you’re sick

1: Keep bacteria at bay!

Cleansing is so important when you’re sick. I know it sucks to drag yourself out of bed when your whole body feels like it weighs a tonne, but make sure you’re keeping up with your skincare. We have a lot of extra bacteria floating around our skin when we’re sick, and we have got to send it hiking if we want to avoid those breakouts. This doesn’t mean you start over-cleansing your skin (this can cause a whole different set of issues); just stick to your regular routine. If you feel like you need a mid-day to freshen up, opt for a mist that contains antibacterial ingredients like our Acne B.O.P. Mist or Quick Spritz Oil Fix. These will help to eliminate those sneaky bacteria taking up residence on your face. Also, while we can’t avoid touching our faces when we need to blow our noses and whatnot, try to avoid excessive rubbing/touching of your face as much as possible (I know- it feels so good when you’re sick). If you do feel the need to rub your face, make sure your hands are squeaky clean.


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2: Healing with Hydration.

We talk about this all the time, and while we may sound like a broken record, it’s so important. Making sure you’re drinking a monsoon of water when you’re sick will help flush the infection faster. When a fever is present, we also lose a lot of water through sweat. Unfortunately, that sweat contains a lot of nasties (bacteria, oil, etc.). Keeping hydrated will help you keep your fevers down and keep your hydration levels up. You know that hydrating product in your routine? Keep it close when your feeling ill. You want to make sure you’re replacing what you’re losing; multiple applications in a day can help keep universal balance.

Don’t have a hydrator in your routine yet? Find out which of our hydrators is made for you HERE!


Botanical Face Creams - Facial Moisturizers, Natural Skincare

3: Protect and Repair.

Moisturizing is as important as cleansing when we are sick. Our skin can take a beating with tissues and other nonsense. It gets dry, sore and chapped. Staying on top of the issue, before the situation gets dire, can save you a lot of trouble. Your facial moisturizer can help you through the main battle, but when I notice my nose getting extra dry, I like to apply a little Lip Balm+ to the area throughout the day because it’s light and soaks in fast. At night time (for an extra dose of love and healing) I’ll put a layer of the Lip Rescue Jelly around my nose to slowly soak in while I sleep. This is also my die-hard lip repair during the winter, whether I’m sick or not.


4: Avoid lotion laced facial tissues.

As much as the lotion tissues from the drug store feel amazing on your nose, oftentimes they’re filled with chemical-based ingredients like perfumes and other irritating nasties. If your nose is feeling sore, return to tip #3 for some relief.

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5: Scrub-a-dub!

I don’t know about you, but I find I seem to gain a lot of extra dead skin when I’m sick. While I use the Tea Tree Facial Scrub as part of my daily routine, I always make sure I give it a few extra seconds of gentle scrubbing when I’m sick to help rid my face of those dry, flaky bits that pop up.

Botanical Facial Scrub - Skincare Routine Products


6: Mask it!

I don’t mean cover it up. I mean get cozy with your favourite detoxifying mask. As soon as I know I’m on the mend, I like to reach for my Dead Sea Mud Mask to draw out all those extra bits of grossness trying to hide in my pores. There’s something so satisfying about seeing those little spots of oil that get drawn out as this mask dries. Alternatively, you could use our Charcoal & Lemon Detox Mask.

Dead Sea Mud Mask - Natural Skincare Routine Products


7: Deep clean!

We all want to know that those germs have left the building when we’re sick. Pillowcases, wash clothes and any other articles of material that regularly touch your face should hit the wash as often as possible when you’re sick. You’re sweating out a lot of bacteria, and we don’t them to be getting quality time with our skin. The same goes for your makeup brushes. While I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup when sick, if I happen to, I’ll make sure my brushes get a deep clean (even if it’s not my regular day to do so).

breakouts during a cold / acne care / green beauty / holistic skincare / skincare during the flu


While most of these are normal parts of a balanced routine, it’s extra important to stay on top of things when you’re sick (even if it’s the only thing you accomplish that day). Our bodies have an amazing ability to push out bacteria and other invaders, but we need to ensure we’re doing our part of the “clean-up” to prevent breakouts from happening.  It will be one less thing to worry about and you’ll be back on your feet, radiant as always!

Too late? If you’re already sick and experiencing breakouts, you’ll want to hop over to the second blog in this series. Click HERE!

With Love & Radiance,


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breakouts during a cold / acne care / green beauty / holistic skincare / skincare during the flu

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