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what is the root cause of acne plus the most pore clogging substance your skin will face

What is the root cause of acne?

So what is the root cause of acne? Many think it’s bacteria and focus their acne treatments on controlling “acne-causing bacteria.” While keeping bacteria under control can help, concentrating our efforts here is like trying to stop a rock from rolling down a hill. It’s much easier to move the rock away from the cliff’s … Read more

what can trigger acne 3 common triggers plus how to avoid triggering acne breakouts

What Can Trigger Acne

Let’s talk about what can trigger acne! There are A LOT of acne triggers, but in this blog post, I’ll address 3 of the triggers that have come up repeatedly in my 14 years of helping people with their skin. What Can Trigger Acne: 3 Common Triggers 1) Pollution can trigger acne 🏭🌫️ Why  This … Read more

Why do I get acne before my period, Pay close attention to days 15 - 24 of a typical hormone cycle

Why do I get acne before my period?

To answer the question of why do I get acne before my period, we need to look at what happens during your hormonal cycle that makes the perfect combination of triggers for breakouts. Pay close attention to days 15 – 24 of a typical cycle – this window of time determines a lot about whether … Read more

How To Restore Skin pH Balance Naturally

When you need to know how to restore skin pH balance naturally, look no further than this blog post (in fact, bookmark it for later as you never know when you’ll find yourself needing to restore your skin’s pH balance fast! I know you’re busy so let’s dive right into what you need to know about … Read more

How To Restore Moisture Without Triggering An Acne Breakout

How’s your skin doing? If winter has gotten the best of it and you’re not sure how to restore moisture without triggering an acne breakout, this post is for you! Avoiding breakouts while also… tackling sticky cells fortifying our skin’s lipid barrier and getting rid of a buildup of dead skin cells … is a common stumbling … Read more

holistic skincare remedy facial toner with herbs for clear skin

Herbs for clear skin and why they work

Herbs for Clear Skin and why they work! Here is a list of the most healing herbs & plants (along with their benefits) for troubled, sensitive skin that’s having difficulty getting clear of acne breakouts.   Aloe Extremely soothing  Hydrating and moisturizing Boosts healing  Antibacterial and antimicrobial  Increases collagen synthesis   Comfrey Contains anti-aging antioxidants  … Read more

herbal beauty treatment masks for acne

Interesting facts about pimples: a bacteria party in your pores!

Today we’re continuing on with our acne series! This time we’re talking about bacteria and their role in the formation of acne. We have bacteria on our skin all the time. And that’s not a bad thing. Like the gut flora in your digestive system, your skin also has flora – or a colony of … Read more

Why clogged pores happen so easily for acne-prone skin types

Why clogged pores happen so easily for acne-prone skin types

  If you have acne-prone skin or are struggling with acne breakouts, you may have wondered why your pores clog so easily. That’s what I’m going to answer in this edition of our acne series! Skin cells and their role in the formation of acne: What you might not know, or may have never thought … Read more

Does Poor Gut Health Cause Acne

Does Poor Gut Health Cause Acne?

Are acne and rosacea connected to gut health?⁣ Does Poor Gut Health Cause Acne? The short answer is almost always!⁣ ⁣ The long answer is something I’ll get into more as we go through our acne series, BUT what I can tell you in the meantime is this:⁣ ⁣ Assuming skincare breakouts have been ruled … Read more

Acne-prone skin produces up to 3 times more sebum (oil) than other skin types.

What role does oil play in the formation of acne?

 What’s the deal with acne and oil? The most basic explanation for how acne forms is this: pores get clogged, infected, inflamed and irritated. But HOW do pores get clogged? What causes inflammation? Irritation? Infection? That’s what we’ll be looking at this month in the Facebook group! Our series starts by looking at one aspect involved … Read more

are mineral sunscreens comedogenic - why does sunscreen cause breakouts - natural skincare - herbal skin care questions

Are mineral sunscreens comedogenic?

QUESTION: The following question was asked by a radiant rebel in our Facebook community: Why does sunscreen cause breakouts? Are mineral sunscreens comedogenic? A radiant rebel within our community wondered about congestion and breakouts from mineral sunscreens during a discussion about ingredients and skin sensitivities. I thought it would be helpful to publicly share my answer … Read more

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