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Comfort Foods to Support Your Skin This Winter

comfort food for skin health / winter skincare / green beauty / internal healing Supporting our skin happens in two ways: internally and externally.

Around here we typically talk about the external factors – like protective, nourishing skincare – but today we’re talking about feeding your skin from the inside out.

Everyone loves comfort food – there’s no doubt about that – but what’s really magically is when comfort food is healthy and delicious! And let’s be honest, sometimes we need to know that we’re nourishing your bodies with good food (especially after too much time on the sugar rollercoaster that often comes along with holiday gatherings).

Over the years I’ve built up my own collection of “feel good” recipes that nourish my body but I wanted to hear from others about what makes them feel great when winter starts to get a bit old and dreary.

Below you’ll find a mini collection of recipes from two experts on nourishing ourselves from the inside out. I know both of these gals personally and always jump at the chance to share good food with them!

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Healthy Comfort Food Recipes - healthy skin habits, holistic living beauty meal ideas for a clear skin diet. Vegan, dairy free, vegetarian cold weather winter beauty food for beginners


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