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Q&A: What tips do you have for applying Mineral Makeup Foundation?

question for batty

Hi Batty & Team!

I just got my mineral foundation! Any tips and tricks on how to apply it? I’ve been using Hydra Healing Gel, Primer Moisturizer and then the Mineral Makeup Foundation with my Real Techniques buffing brush, but I feel like it’s been emphasizing my pores and doesn’t sit well.

Thanks in advance!

batty's answer

Hey there!

Thanks for your question!  Although I’m a major lover of the Whipped Cream Foundation, I do love the Mineral Foundation in the summer when it’s hot. I highly recommend a flat top kabuki for mineral makeup. Try to disperse the product evenly on the flat top, and always be sure to tap off any excess. I give my brush a few taps into the jar’s lid as to not waste any product. This part is crucial.

You want to apply to the face on a perpendicular angle in swirling circles. Remember to start with just a bit and slowly build up the coverage. Then buff, buff and buff some more!! If you find it’s still noticeable, give your face a few sprays of a hydrating/setting mist (I like the Quick Spritz Oil Fix), and then follow-up with light dabbing with a Beauty Blender or makeup sponge. This helps to press the minerals into the skin better and give you a more natural finishes that’s not as powdery. Also, be sure your gel and moisturizer have been fully absorbed. Otherwise, the powder will end up sticking to the areas where it’s still tacky.

Hope this helps! With a little practice, you’ll be able to apply any mineral foundation blindfolded.

Until next time- stay radiant!

Love VA Karla 


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