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Back To School Skincare Essentials That Every Student Should Have Handy

Back to school skincare essentials / green beauty / holistic skincare

Back to school time often means back to school shopping. There’s pens, binders, textbooks… but don’t forget about your skin! A student’s life is never without stressors or busy timetables. Your skin is the last thing you should be worried about. That’s why we’re sharing this handy, shopping guide to help you create a mini skincare emergency kit. Happy studying!


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Back to school skincare essentials / green beauty / holistic skincare

Products Featured In This Shopping Guide

Lip Balm +
(handy for those cold winters and chapped noses during a cold/flu)

Nature’s Veil CC Cream
(easy and quick coverage for a student on the go)

Quick Calm Calendula & Pink Clay Mask
(exams are stressful enough, no need for your skin to be too with this soothing mask)

Patchouli & Grapefruit Facial Soap
(double duty, exfoliating & acne-fighting cleanser so you can stay focused on your studies)


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