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Beating the Winter Blues by Creating Self-Recharging Station at Home (gentle yoga routine)

Restorative Yoga you can do at home - creating a space without props for gentle self charging and recharging - beat the winter blues holistically with this simple, easy sequence

Guest post by Alex of Azalea Yoga.

For myself, I think it’s great to create a home oasis or self-recharging station at home. We all know that days of winter can be both extremely hectic leading up to Christmas but also long dark and dreary which can cause stress and a feeling of “stuckness”.

I love to create a little space (leave it set up if you can so it’s easy to revisit) in your closet/ bedroom nook, basement, kitchen, near a window etc. I keep a cozy blanket, a meditation cushion and a pillow.

When I’m feeling blue or overwhelmed I love to give myself a mini-retreat! Add in a beautiful candle, put on a face mask (my favourite is the pink clay mask from grounded sage) or rub some sweet-smelling moisturizer on your hands and chest.


Creating Recharging Station at Home – FOR YOU!

Ready to try this at home?

  • Use a rolled-up towel or couch throw and lay back lining it up with your spine- then tuck a small pillow under your head. Open the heart up to the ceiling by turning your open palms up the sky.
  • Once your set up- play some relaxing music or a 10 minute guided mediation (lots on youtube!)
  • Knees can be bent with feet wide and inner knee leaning beside each other or with the soles of your feet together with knees open. (reclined bound angle position)
  • As you settle in …. Relax the muscles of your face, release the tongue from the top of your mouth let your belly expand and retract in the biggest way you can. Counting in for 4-5 and releasing the same amount.
  • You can recite a favourite quote or use the time to calmly breathe through your worries or concerns, when you address them in a tranquil state the anxiety can fade and when the time is up, your head will feel a lot more clear!

These 10 minutes may feel long at the start but once you practice your body will utilize this opportunity to reduce stress hormones and increase happy hormones! Helping you to beat those winter blues!



What yoga, sensitive skin, and selfcare all have in common - Grounded Sage Podcast Interview with Alex from Benevolent Barn

This guest post was written by Alexandra McKay of Azalea Yoga.

Alexandra is a restorative and aerial yoga instructor, the gal behind a micro-sanctuary for farm animals, a wife, momma, small business co-owner, and a fundraising champion for numerous animal causes and sanctuaries! She was featured on our podcast (check out this episode) and can be found at Azalea Yoga and Benevolent Barn.


Alex was interviewed on our podcast about self-care, finding balance, and more!

Listen to her interview:

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Recharge yourself with gentle restorative yoga at home. Sequence without props for reducing stress and beating the winter blues

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