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Do You Need To Moisturize In The Summer?

Natural Body Butter and why it's important to keep it in your routine in the summer

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Summer moisturizer / green beauty / holistic skincare / facial moisturizer

It’s actually really important to moisturize in the summer.  Read on to find out why…


Why moisturize in the summer?

You see, summertime isn’t the time to abandon your body butter or facial moisturizer. Skipping out on moisturizing will lead to the break down of a healthy skin barrier over time. This makes your skin more prone to inflammation (a key component of acne), bacteria, sensitivity, etc.

Body Butter made with natural ingredients / body care / skincare / green beauty / dry skin

Don’t mind us, we’re just over here moisturizing amongst the wildflowers ??


Why does a break down of your skin barrier lead to problems?

Because cracks develop in your skin’s natural defence barrier. Cracks allow things your skin wants to keep out of your body to enter. So if you’ve been working to make sure your lipid barrier is in good shape, don’t throw all your efforts out the window.

Skincare Tip:  If the thought of slathering on moisturizer on your body during the day makes you cringe, lather up at night ?.


What about facial moisturizers?

A breakdown of your skin’s barrier is extra problematic on your face, so don’t skip out your facial moisturizer. If you need to, switch to a more lightweight formula (like Raw Radiance Facial Moisturizer) until autumn rolls around.


Why is keeping a facial moisturizer in your summer skincare routine so important?

Moisturizer seals in hydration (a vital key to the health of our skin). Want to know about the difference between hydrating and moisturizing your skin? Find out more here.

Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is a must because even though your oil glands will turn up the production of oil during the warmer months, our exposure to things that break down our lipid barrier also increases (like getting more sun, swimming, wind… think: warm summer wind at the beach or while driving down the backroads with the windows down, etc). If you cut moisturizing out of your routine, your oil glands will start to produce even more oil to try to compensate. Don’t get caught in that cycle


Looking for a moisturizer for your body that’s made with clean, natural ingredients? Check out our pure Body Butter – made with ingredients to support and replenish the skin’s lipid barrier.

Looking for a facial moisturizer that will work well with your skin? Take the facial moisturizer quiz and get your perfect match!

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Summer moisturizer / green beauty / holistic skincare / facial moisturizer





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