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How To Use A Holistic (Whole Body) Approach To Support Your Skin This Summer


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 How To Use A Holistic (Whole Body) Approach To Support Your Skin This Summer / green beauty / hormonal acne

One of the things I love most about taking a holistic approach to skincare is that I’m able to infuse seasonality (inspired by nature) into how I support my whole self – mind, body, and soul.

A “whole self” (aka holistic) approach to skincare is important because our skin isn’t an organ that does its own thing outside of what’s going on with our body, mind, or emotions. They are all connected, and all impact each other.

There are so many examples of our how our body, mind, and emotions are all connected and all can have an effect on our skin, but let’s look at one specific example: our hormones.


Our hormones are affected by many factors including…

… Our body – which is affected internally by factors like our genetics and what we eat, as well as external factors like what we’re exposed to in the environment

… Our mind – which is affected by factors like our level of stress, how we’re feeling emotionally, ruminating thoughts, mental health, mindset, etc.

So… if we want to support our skin, we need to support our bodies and our minds in a way that encourages the healthy production of balanced hormones.

While the basics for caring for our whole self doesn’t change from season to season, how we apply those basics can. For myself, I don’t change a whole lot from season to season (I’m a creature of habit!) but I do like to incorporate small seasonal actions as it keeps things fresh (which keeps me motivated to integrate self-care into my routine) and keeps me feeling connected to nature (which reduces my stress levels).

If you’d like to take a few season-inspired actions, below you’ll find my holistic skincare suggestions for summer.

Hydration Facial Mist Toner - Summer Skincare


Holistic Skincare Suggestions for Summer

Here are some gentle prompts and suggestions for supporting our skin as we soak up the warm summer breezes and starry night skies.

? Emotional Skin Support:

Emotional stress can have my skin acting up FAST – and it’s no surprise! Stress affects our hormones, and our hormones have a direct impact on our skin.

If you’d like to listen on a conversation about emotional and stress-related factors that affect our skin (and perhaps pick up an idea or two about areas that might be affecting your skin), check out the latest episode of the Grounded Sage Podcast where Karla and I share what’s working (and what isn’t) for each of us.

Rainbow in Cloudy Country Sky - Ontario Canada

? Internal Skin Support:

Consider embracing warm summer months by supporting your body with skin-loving, summer-inspired foods. Summer is a season for activity, abundance, and hydration. Here are some seasonal suggestions for foods that nourish our skin from the inside out:

  • Lots of hydrating, water-rich foods like celery, cucumber, coconut water, and watermelon, and pineapple.
  • Foods that support a natural glow from the inside out including cantaloupe, apricots, and peaches.

Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel - Summer Skincare

? Topical Skin Support:  Focus on supporting your skin by protecting it against dehydration and free radical damage. Do this by:

Lightweight Summer Face Cream - Cucumber Refresh Facial Moisturizer - Grounded Sage Skincare


While infusing whole-body health may be a new and different approach to your skincare journey, it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many fun and exciting ways to introduce holistic care simply by embracing the joys of the season.

With love & radiance,

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 How To Use A Holistic (Whole Body) Approach To Support Your Skin This Summer / green beauty / hormonal acne


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