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Q&A: What Could Be Causing My Excess Dry Skin?

What's causing my dry skin? / dry skin care / tight skin / green beauty / holistic beauty / eco beauty



I have been using your products for a little while now, including the Tea Tree Facial Nut Scrub, Patchouli Grapefruit Facial Soap, and Patchouli Facial Moisturizer. Having battled acne for years, I finally made the jump to “green” products. I was noticing some immediate improvements in my skin as soon as I started using your stuff.

Lately, however, I have been experiencing some bad breakouts again and areas of my face have become really dry. Am I doing something wrong, or using the right products?





Thanks for contacting me. Sounds like the breakouts (based on the info you gave me) are likely because of two different things; Primarily, the dry skin you’re experiencing, and to a lesser extent, your skin detoxing – which can happen even when not using my detox specific products (I explain these types of breakouts in detail here).

Recommend steps for dry skin

Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel / skin hydration / dehydrated skin / dry skin / tight skin / made with natural ingredients / aloe vera

  • Add the Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel into your routine in the AM & PM as soon as possible! (this will make a HUGE difference to getting your skin back on track and keeping it that way)
  • After applying one layer of Patchouli Facial Moisturizer, wait for it to absorb, and they apply another layer
  • At night, I would HIGHLY recommend using a serum. Your best bet would be the Acne BOP Serum. Apply a layer that’s thick enough that it won’t absorb right away (so it will slowly absorb into your skin throughout the night). Just be sure to put a towel over your pillow!
  • Once a day, instead of using the Tea Tree Facial Scrub or the Patchouli & Grapefruit Facial Soap, use one of my other cleansers that are more suited to dry skin like my Green Tea & Pineapple Cleanser. If your skin needs to be exfoliated well with every wash (which I’m guessing is the case since you mentioned it’s extremely dry), go with the Pineapple Facial Scrub. Without exfoliating extremely dry skin with every wash we risk breakouts (dead skin cells clogging pores). You can even use the Pineapple Facial Scrub in the AM & PM and use the Tea Tree Facial Scrub or P/G soap every 3rd to 4th wash (alternating between the two). So the routine would look something like this…


Recommended routine

Monday: AM & PM – Pineapple Facial Scrub. Tuesday:  AM – Pineapple Facial Scrub, PM – Tea Tree Facial Scrub. Wednesday:  AM & PM – Pineapple Facial Scrub. Thursday: AM – Pineapple Facial Scrub, PM – P/G Soap. Friday: start the cycle over again with Pineapple Facial Scrub in the AM & PM.

Several nights a week, you could use the Acne & Oil Balancing Mask as it’s extremely hydrating (which will help balance your dry skin) and fights acne. It can also be used like the Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel under your moisturizer a few days or nights a week. I hope that helps! Thanks again for your email and please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with (or if you have any more questions regarding the info above, don’t hesitate to send them over).

With love & radiance,
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What's causing my dry skin? / dry skin care / tight skin / green beauty / holistic beauty / eco beauty

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