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Troubleshooting Acne Prone Skin and Sticky Cells: How To Tackle The Build-Up Gently & Kindly

acne prone skin - clean skincare how to remove buildup without harsh peels or irritating sensitive skin

This post is all about getting sticky cells (and buildup) off our skin to free up our pores from an environment ripe for an acne breakout.

The trick is to avoid triggering inflammation while removing buildup – something that conventional acne treatments (like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and strong peels) are notoriously bad at! Removing buildup in a way that triggers inflammation (which is the spark to acne’s flame) is like taking one step forward and two steps back!

Let’s explore ways to free up our pores without sparking additional triggers of acne!


Resurfacing: Removing Buildup on Acne-Prone Skin

The best way to remove buildup without triggering inflammation is to use products that don’t leave your skin feeling tight, dry, irritated, red, or sensitive.

  • 🎃 Pumpkin enzymes (like in our Pumpkin Mask) are an excellent option for this because they encourage the gentle removal of build-up (aka gentle resurfacing).
  • 🌙 The pumpkin enzymes in our Pumpkin Mask work exceptionally well when used as an overnight treatment. This allows the enzymes to work their magic all night long (while the other ingredients in the mask support inflammation reduction). This is an especially good approach for desert marigolds.

For a stronger approach 💪 (best for daylilies and sunflowers), a targeted AHA treatment that you can use in the areas that cause you the most problems is the way to go.

  • You can still use pumpkin enzymes overnight (and I would recommend this approach first – but be patient, it will take time for this to work) and then add in the Congestion Protection AHA Mist (a targeted AHA treatment) into your routine during times when congestion is the most likely to cause problems (like the 10 days leading up to our period).

Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask - Clean Skicnare - Cruelty Free Skin Care by Grounded Sage. Small batch botanical skincare


Resurfacing efforts can also include:

  • making sure you’re giving your skin a break from ingredients that might be starting to buildup on our skin. These are typically filler ingredients or products that create a “film producing” effect (like traditional primers, foundations, and redness correcting creams).
  • Using cleansers that have resurfacing ingredients build into them like the fruit enzyme blend in the Pure Amore Gel Cleanser, the pineapple enzymes in the Green Tea & Pineapple Cleanser, and even the congestion-loosening lipids in the Wild Basil & Cucumber Oil Cleanser.
  • Using a serum with buildup-lifting enzymes (plus ingredients that reduce post-acne spots) like our Vitamin C Serum.
  • Supporting the healthy production of sebum (our skin’s natural oils) from the inside out. This includes minimizing hormonal imbalances that cause sebum to become extra sticky. For more info on hormone imbalances and what to do about them, listen to this month’s podcast episode.
  • Protecting our sebum from getting sticky after it’s reached the surface of our skin by protecting it from oxidation which happens due to UV exposure (in other words, make sure you’re using proper and adequate sun protection every day).


Quick Tips

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acne prone skin - clean skincare how to remove buildup without harsh peels or irritating sensitive skin

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