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Why Does My Skin Feel Tight and Itchy?

Why Does My Skin Feel Tight and itchy - steps to take to get relief with simple skincare product recommendations

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When your skin hasn’t felt comfortable for a long time, you might start to wonder why does my skin feel tight and itchy. The most common reason isn’t complicated and is pretty straightforward to fix. So, let’s discuss why your skin might feel tight, itchy, or a combination of both.

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The Most Common Answer to Why Does My Skin Feel Tight and Itchy?

Your skin’s top layers are almost 100% made up of an oily substance called sebum.

Oily sebum is mainly made up of fat molecules (lipids).

Oily fat molecules are what your skin needs.


I said it.

It might sound gross or weird, but it’s true.

Even if your skin doesn’t look oily, the natural oils in your skin are what keep it comfortable, glowing, and free from feeling tight and itchy.

Want comfortable, glowing skin?

That can’t happen without a protective layer of lipids.

Which is precisely where a lot of folks go wrong. They want that “squeaky clean” feeling from their cleanser. They want to reach for that satisfying scrub each day. They want a moisturizer loaded with the latest “actives” that promise to lighten, brighten, and erase pores.

Let’s not have your skin be a casualty of cleansing myths, anti-aging fads, or any other garbage that doesn’t have the long-term health of your skin in mind.

Instead, keep things simple!


If your skin is feeling tight or itchy, try these steps:

  • Switch to a pH-balanced, non-foaming cleanser that removes only what it needs to (makeup, population, environmental irritants, and dead skin cells). All grounded sage cleansers are pH balanced, but if your skin feels seriously uncomfortable, I recommend going with our gentlest option: Soothing Sea Salt & Calendula.


  • Step away from super scrubby scrubs, the Clarisonic brush, and salicylic or glycolic acid exfoliating products. I’m not saying there will never be a time to use these products in the future (though for many of you, ditching them for good will be in your best interest). I am saying that until your barrier has had a chance to repair, these options will only hinder and prolong your skin feeling uncomfortable, sensitive, tight, itchy, and depleted!


  • Balance your skin’s pH to get relief with conditioning amino acids,  anti-inflammatory antioxidants, and hydrating plant extracts. Fun fact – I care for a lot of birds each day at our animal sanctuary … whom I’m allergic to! Without this mist, my skin would be in a frenzy of epic portions. The mist was made with enough soothing relief to be strong enough to tackle my daily allergen exposure – the bonus for you is that it can tackle a plethora of surface-level inflammation and irritation (no bird allergy required)!


  • Use a barrier-repairing moisturizer to sort out your skin now! Doing this is like putting a protective (breathable) blanket over your skin while it recovers underneath. If a cozy blanket sounds like exactly what your skin needs, this cream is the best duvet your skin could ask for!


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Why Does My Skin Feel Tight and itchy - steps to take to get relief with simple skincare product recommendations


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Jamie Sabot, Author, Grounded Sage Skincare

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