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Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?

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Along with questions about acne and sensitive skin, I also get a lot of questions about dry skin. It’s not a surprise, really. Besides genetics and environmental factors, there are many reasons for dry skin. So, today, I’m answering the question: Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?

Or, at least, I’ll point you to the most common reason for dry skin despite having a great moisturizing face cream in your routine!

The very first place to start (aka a common cause of dry skin, despite moisturizing consistently) is using the wrong cleanser.

If you’re ready to stop reading because you don’t use a cleanser, stay tuned to the blog because I’m going to bust the myth that people with dry skin shouldn’t use a cleanser or it will make dry skin worse (this can often be the opposite!).

Until then, keep reading, even if you’re not using a cleanser right now – this information will be important for later.

If your skin is super dry even when you moisturize, consider whether you’re inadvertently weakening your skin’s ability to stay hydrated by poking holes in its moisture barrier with your current face wash.


Any and all cleansers can affect our skin’s natural moisture barrier.

๐ŸŒตย The difference between a cleanserย that supports your skin and one that doesn’t is that harsh cleansers will damage your barrier so much that it won’t be able to repair itself before you cleanse again.

๐ŸŽฏ If you can relate to having dry, flaky skin right now, that’s enough evidence to tell you that you need to adjust your cleanser.

Go with the mildest cleanser you can get your hands on, and stick with it for at leastย 3 weeks.


My top recommendations for super dry skin are:

  • Soothing Sea Saltย Micellar Cleanser
    • while this is a “no-rinse” formula, I recommend rinsing off with water if your moisture barrier is currently compromised.
  • Need a clean slate? Scrub off a build-up of dead skin cells with ourย PHA Facial Scrub
    • Using this scrub once a week helps remove any buildup that makes it harder for your moisturizer to absorb!


๐Ÿง  Want to learn even more about supporting dry skin?

  • Stay tuned to the blog as I’ll be busting common dry skin myths!
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Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? Natural dry skin fix for when your skin is dry no matter what you do.

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