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Beautiful Blueberries – Botanical Skin Care for Spring

blueberry beauty botanical skincare apothecary

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blueberry beauty botanical skincare apothecary

We’re celebrating the arrival of spring with a special collection of handmade bath and body products straight from our eco-friendly apothecary.

First up is our five limited edition body butters. You might have spotted the social media announcement where I talked about what inspired the Sweet Bergamot Body Butter.

Today, I’m sharing the inspiration behind the Blueberry Body Butter.


Wild Whimsical Blueberries!

When Tim and I moved to New Brunswick, one of the memories that I intentionally anchored into my brain was the first thrilling ride around the property on one of the golf carts.

Tim had scooted around on it while getting the barn set up for the Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary crew, but I had yet to see the property in real life. Until the day we rolled up after a long drive, I had only witnessed our new home through a screen.

It was exhilarating to have Tim race us around on an old golf cart to show me paths through the woods, hidden ponds, and spots in the grass where the greens from the course were still visible.

At the end of one of the forest paths (a path that we call “fern gully” because of all the ferns lining the trail), a clearing opens up to a lot of rough vegetation.

A deer we encountered already knew that there were hidden treasures (in the form of wild blueberries) amongst those leaves, sticks, and moss.

Eco therapy and meeting new wild friends - deer at the end of forest path

I never thought I’d be able to say we just happened to stumble upon something like that – and for it to be just across a stream from the grounded sage studio.

It felt like the makings of a good children’s book about the wonders of nature and the benefits of exploring right in your backyard.

Do you have whimsical memories to draw on when you need them? If so, I’d love to hear what they are!


Reality check: Just in case it looks like life is easy, breezy, and pure bliss over here 24/7 😉 

I do need to preface this post with a reality check. I’m naturally optimistic, with rose-coloured glasses hardwired into my vision. Often that results in my posts not showing a complete picture of life outside of the rare and whimsical moments.

It may appear like we’re “living the dream,” and in many ways, we are (and I try not to take that for granted). However, we’re also working more than ever not to let this magical place slip through our fingers. When we’re not working in the studio, we’re spending early mornings, late evenings, and weekends caring for the 30+ rescue animals that live with us. We also manage multiple chronic illnesses between the two of us.

We worry about money, stress about the future and ruminate on the past. We have tough mental & physical health days/weeks/months and have to put in a considerable effort to keep our heads above water.

I anchor in the really good moments (like that ride on the golf cart) and fall back on eco-based therapy (like wandering out to the blueberry patch) to challenge my negativity bias and provide some perspective when things get extra tricky. It helps.

The intention behind the spring bath and body products collection was to share a tiny sliver of the ecotherapy that has helped me while bringing joy, renewal, and lightness to your day after a long winter.

Experience the collection here.

Be well,

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