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Essential Oil Bug Spray Recipe – DIY recipe for natural bug repellent

natural bug spray recipe pin (Instagram Post)

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It’s not summer until you have a natural essential oil bug spray recipe that keeps the bugs away. 🦟

You don’t need anything fancy to make your very own essential oil bug spray. This natural recipe is simple and super effective.


This essential oil bug spray recipe repels:

βœ… Horse flies with lavender and tea tree.

βœ… Mosquitoes with peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus.

βœ… Gnats with peppermint and eucalyptus.Β 


✦ What you’ll need ✦

β†’ 1 x 2oz (60ml) Bottle with Spray Top*

β†’ Tea Tree Essential Oil

β†’ Lavender Essential Oil

β†’ Peppermint Essential Oil

β†’ Eucalyptus Essential Oil

β†’ Apple cider vinegar

(optional: vegetable glycerin – it helps “stick” the spray to your skin better, but it’s optional)

* The Grounded Sage facial mist bottles work great if you have any empty ones you’d like to reuse!


✦ Directions ✦

β†’ Add 5 drops of each essential oil to your bottle

β†’ If using glycerin, add ΒΌ teaspoon to your bottle

β†’ Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

β†’ Fill the rest of your bottle with water

β†’ Shake well before each use


Tip: to make this recipe child safe, omit the peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils.Β 


 Let the fun of bug-free, beautiful summer days & nights begin. 🦟



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Essential oil bug spray recipe - DIY recipe for making a natural bug repellent


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