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Hormonal Acne Checklist

hormonal acne checklist / green beauty / acne solutions / holistic beauty

To help you combat your hormonal acne we have created a list of steps you can take to try and get it under control.

  1. If using Birth Control pills look at what type of birth control pill you are using. Some types increase oil production or make your skin dry.  You can help combat these systems with your external skin care routine by creating a personalized routine using our Floral Aura quizzes.
  2. Whether you are on birth control or not, a supplement called DIM can help balance excess estrogen in your body.  Estro Balance and Estro Block are brand names of DIM.
  3. If using a DIM supplement be sure to include a liver support supplement.  The liver gets rid of excess waste and hormones in the body.  I use Milk Thistle for my liver support supplement (2-3 capsules / 1 – 2 x daily).
  4. Avoid processed sugar which affects fluctuations in your blood sugar levels/insulin in the body.
  5. Take a Zinc supplement(30mg/day) to help with healing.
  6. Take a probiotic supplement to balance your gut flora. Having your gut flora out of balance effects your hormones and is often an overlooked cause of chronic acne.

hormonal acne checklist / green beauty / acne solutions / holistic beauty

  1. Avoid milk & pasteurized dairy products as much as you can.  You can still get your calcium from dark leafy green veggies, fish, whole grains, nuts and legumes.
  2. Avoid meat that has been raised with hormones.
  3. Add more foods high in essential fatty acids to your diet such as avocados.
  4. Avoid or reduce stimulants such as coffee.
  5. Add stress-reducing exercise to help flush out toxins in your body.



Until next time, stay radiant!

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hormonal acne checklist / green beauty / acne solutions / holistic beauty

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