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How To Restore Skin pH Balance Naturally

How To Restore Skin Ph Balance Naturally

When you need to know how to restore skin pH balance naturally, look no further than this blog post (in fact, bookmark it for later as you never know when you’ll find yourself needing to restore your skin’s pH balance fast!

I know you’re busy so let’s dive right into what you need to know about pH levels and your skin!

Let’s do this…

You know that protective barrier I’m often talking about?

The one your skin naturally has (but is often damaged due to harsh products, a lack of sun protection, etc.)?

Ya.. that one.

That’s the acid mantle of your skin.


When your skin’s acid mantle is too alkaline (caused by using products with a high pH), your skin:


  • becomes sensitive. itchy or irritated
  • becomes dried out, flaky, and rough
  • experiences inflammation
  • experiences accelerated signs of aging
  • becomes vulnerable to enzymes that can destroy your collagen levels
  • has compromised permeability (aka becomes a wide open gate to irritants and microorganisms)
  • is susceptible to developing acne, eczema, and candidal intertrigo (a skin infection caused by yeast)

What about using products that have an extremely low pH?
They aren’t great either! They can irritate your skin and cause some of the problems listed above.

The key is balance!


How do you know if your pH balance needs to be restored?


The usual suspects show up:

  • extra oily skin
  • eczema / dry patches
  • irritation / sensitivity
  • redness
  • acne
  • dehydrated skin that makes fine lines more visible


Finally, what do you do if you need to restore skin pH balance naturally?

  1. Use the right cleanser for your skin (this one is super nourishing and can help get your skin back on track).
  2. Actively encourage pH balance with this hydrating toner.
  3. Follow up with a nourishing antioxidant-rich moisturizer (I’d recommend this one).
  4. Skip exfoliating enzymes and acids until redness and sensitivity subside.
  5. Become BFFs with zinc (aka, don’t skip out on daily sun protection).


There you have it – I’m now granting you a Ph.D. in pH levels! Ha! Just kidding, but hopefully, this was informative nonetheless.



P.s. Did you skim this blog post and arrive here? Here’s a pH-balancing product recommendation without the backstory 😉.



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